Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Makeup items I wish I'd never set eyes on

Bit of an unusual post here; rather than commenting on products I'd recommend I'm going to list items I despised. I figure if even a single person saves some cash than at least me having spent mine on worthless products hasn't been completely in vain.

1. Milani eye tech liquid liner - hate this because it dried up so quickly (I got maybe 10 uses out of this), which is a shame because the first few times I used this the colour was opaque and ideal for me.
2. NYX Super Skinny Marker - disliked because it also dried up super fast so wasn't worth whatever I paid for it.
3. L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara - I talked about why I disliked this product so much here.

4. Benefit Tinted Moisturiser Lite - this wasn't for me. It made my sensitive skin feel like it was burning every time I wore it. I also appreciate this is meant to be very light but it had very little coverage whatsoever. I'd have preferred to use a powder rather than this. The colour was also very yellow.

5. ELF (non-studio line) brushes - these were too scratchy or had too much shedding or smelled grotesque or were a combination of all three. Whilst I really love their Studio line brushes I'd give their £1.50 brushes a miss any day.

6.  MAC Surf the Ocean pigments - it's odd that I did a review on these when they came out and didn't dislike them so much at first. What I'm unhappy with now is how difficult these are to use - they have such a gritty fly-away texture and leave crazy fallout even after using a sticky base (I've tried Too Faced Glitter Insurance and Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy). They also cost me (IMO) a fortune and since I've only worn them once they're a complete waste to me now.
We all have different skin tones and types and varying preferences so what doesn't work for me might work for you. But still, I figured I may aswell jot down my makeup dislikes as well as likes for a change, just on the off chance it helps someone save some money and spend it on better products.

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