Saturday, 26 February 2011

Korean actress inspired dewy glow

The dewy skin look is one that I have always liked but was never been able to master since I have combination to oily skin (depending on seasons, I'm an oil slick through most of the year but have dry-ish patches in winter) and so whilst the thought of dewy skin was appealing to me, when I actually tried it I ended up looking like a greasy spoon in 5 minutes. These days however, I use only select products that help to give the skin a healthy glow without the added grease.

Firstly, when doing others' makeup I sometimes use a base that has a slight sheen (note: no shimmer). One that I like is Missha's BB Boomer which I assume was made for use with BB cream but also works well as a base for foundation. For myself I find this can be a little *too* glowy but for those who have normal or dry skin this is ideal.

Secondly I like to use Benefit High Beam on the high points of my cheeks. For those with tanner or more golden skin tones I suggest Moon Beam.

For extra shimmer I sometimes use a BB cream. Lots of brands have created "shimmery" "glowy" or "watery" style BB creams that are very similar to the highlighters by Benefit. I use BRTC's Glossy Shining BB cream.

For occasions where I want to maintain the dewy skin look for some time I sometimes set the liquid highlighters with a powder highlighter. Sleek have a compact that has a contour powder on one side and a highlighting shade on the other. It comes in three shades and I have the shade Light which I use on myself and Medium which I use on people with slightly tanner skin. The highlight shade in the "Light" Contour kit is slightly pinkish whilst those in the "Medium" and "Dark" kits are more golden.

I learn a lot of Korean makeup styles from this lady on youtube: Jungsaemmeol. This is the kind of makeup artist I like watching on youtube the most - making people look like themselves with a few improvements rather than changing how people look completely. She does UH-MA-ZING makeup that looks both effortless and pristine by the end. Course it also helps that she works on extremely pretty models to start off with. I mean, if we looked like that at the start of makeup then we'd be putting makeup companies out of business on account of not needing any!

But anyhoo, I really do like watching her work her magic and in most of her vids you can see how she creates the dewy skin effect that we try so hard to replicate =)


  1. Thank you for this video! Also, I noticed that she did not use powder to set the makeup; is that how the dewy look is achieved? Cos I supposed the power will mattify the whole face?

  2. Most powders do mattify the face. If you get really oily a sheer powder or translucent powder only on the tzone would work well.


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