Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Makeup that everyone else likes but doesn't suit me

1. Urban Decay 24/7 liners
Because they smudge like crazy on me. To be honest all eyeliners smudge on me but Avon's Supershock liners and Milani pencils generally last between 4-8 hours of wear (depending on weather, humidity, how oily my skin is etc) whilst Urban Decay's smudge after just an hour or so.

2. NARS blushes
To me they are too shimmery and glittery to be touted as the perfect blushes for all. I'm so glad I've never been swayed to buy these since I prefer matte finish blushes as I have combination/oily skin. I don't think these would suit anyone with oily skin or large pores.

3.  Revlon Colourstay foundation
Talked about why I disliked this one here.

4. Benefit makeup in general (minus maybe Creaseless Cream Shadows)
To me Benefit is just overpriced. Some of the products are good but I don't think they parallel high end brands or even mid range brands like Too Faced or Urban Decay. They also seem a little gimmicky (which I do think Urban Decay can be too but whilst Urban Decay never skimp on quality, Benefit is just not on par with the others). I excluded the Creaseless Cream Shadows because I've heard such good things about them. They, too, seem overpriced (£14 per pot - MADNESS I tell you!) but since these genuinely don't crease it makes them a cut above MAC's Paint Pots and other cream shadows since all the others I've tried have creased one me.

5. Sigma eyeshadow palettes

I watched all these "gurus" on youtube talk about how amazing these new Sigma palettes are and ordered them without a second thought. When they arrived I was so, so disappointed.

They aren't bad palettes by any means. It's just that I had expected the pigmentation to be outstanding and I don't think it was. I also think that they are overpriced for what they are. For makeup beginners these would make good palettes, but for intermediate level and above I just don't think they are that impressive.

It's funny how after I'd ordered these palettes I watched gossmakeupartist and hollyannaeree's reviews on these palettes and they both said exactly what I had been thinking. If I had seen their vids before I would have been less inclined to buy the Sigma palettes. So I went back and looked at the other vids that had raved about the Sigma palettes and saw that they had been sent the palettes for free. Yeah, I know people say that doesn't affect their reviews but clearly it does. Average palettes for a hefty price of $35 and shipping to the UK = not worth the hassle. You can get better palettes cheaper.


  1. i agree with u about benefit, when I was young and had more money than sense I bought a whole bunch of Benefit things such as their bluff dust, dr feelgood, lip plumper and they were all so rubbish and overpriced! could have bought similar products for a lot cheaper but i have to admit i do like their bad gal mascara as its perfect for work- makes your lashes look long without being overdone. annoyingly i got that free in a magazine!

  2. Yeah, Benefit do have some good products but I still think they are overpriced for what they are! And they have given so many products away free in magazines that I am loathe to part with my cash to buy their items full price!

  3. Hey lady, I just tried sending you an email using the email you have listed in the sidebar, but it bounced back undeliverable... Do you have an updated email? (I'm the one who wants to do a makeup swap with you!) =)

  4. Ah soz Amelia, my mistake, it's .com not co.uk!


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