Sunday, 8 May 2011

Makeup Remover Wipes - Nivea vs. Simple (Review and Comparison)

I don't know why or exactly when I started using Simple cleansing wipes but I think it was around the time I was at college, I'm guessing when I was about 18. So for over four years now I have been using Simple wipes. I didn't wear much makeup then so I didn't buy them with the thought of makeup removal in mind and they did such a good job of just keeping my skin looking good that I kept using them. I've tried other facial cleansing wipes too, but they've always made my skin become red and sensitive so I've always gone back to Simple. But for the first time in 4 years, I have a contender that could beat Simple in becoming my favorite facial wipes.

Simple Cleansing Wipes Pros and Cons:

+ Very affordable, generally priced £3 but often on offer (2 for £4) at Superdrugs
+ Good job at taking off basic makeup, including eyeliner
+ Does not sting or cause even my overly sensitive skin any redness
+ Alcohol and perfume free (these are generally drying ingredients so most people would find that these wipes aren't drying)

- Can't rely on these wipes alone to take off ALL your makeup - you'd still need to use a facial wash afterwards (if you wear heavy foundation you'd definitely need to use the extra face wash)
- Dries out within 4-6 weeks

Nivea Cleansing Facial Wipes Pros and Con:
(Note: I've used the types for Normal/Combination Skin and For all skin types and I like both but am reviewing For all skin types)

+ Affordable - £3 at Superdrugs
+ Good job at taking off most makeup without needing to drag all over skin
+ Does not sting even my sensitive skin
+ Alcohol, perfume and oil free
+ Leaves my skin feeling very balanced - there's no tight feeling or any greasy tinge left.
+Textured sheet which is different and feels like it gets into all the creases of your skin

- Would still need to use another face wash afterwards.
- Dries out within around 3-4 weeks

Result: As you can see these wipes are very similar! They do exactly the same job and neither cause any adverse reactions on my skin which generally has reactions to a lot of skincare items. I think Simple would beat out Nivea simply on price and the fact that if I kept both for 3 months (I use mine up within a few weeks but lets just suppose I kept an open packet of each brand's wipes for 3 months) Simple wouldn't dry out as much as the Nivea would. But I'm glad I still tried the Nivea ones, and if they're on offer in future I'll pick them up alongside the Simple.

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