Monday, 7 May 2012

Updated Makeup Collection Spring 2012 Ikea Alex Storage

I feel like I've done countless makeup collection posts over the past year and they are my favourite types of posts to look back on so I can monitor how much makeup I have and what I've held on to for too long that needs binning. I love watching makeup collections on YouTube too, especially the really neat and ordered ones .

I've just had a clear out so this is my new stream lined, personal collection (makeup that I use on others is stored separately).

I keep everything in my Ikea Alex unit, which was VERY expensive (around £81) but very much worth it as unlike many other, cheaper makeup storage solutions from Ikea, this unit is extremely solid and just feels high quality.

The top houses my brushes, eyeliners and few other bits and bobs.
Eyeliner and mascara pot.
Brush collection. I've tried brushes from MAC, Sigma, Real Techniques, Crown brush, ELF, Essence of Beauty, No7 and a whole bunch of others but funnily enough the cheapest brand, ELF, houses some of my fave brushes.
Korean hand creams and face mist :)

First draw: Skincare. (Face and body moisturisers, wipes, mud masks, eye creams, hairbrush etc.)
Second draw: Face stuff (foundations, powders, bb creams, concealers, primers).
w/o flash
w/ flash
Third draw: blush draw
Lots of Sleek. Here are the palettes open.
w/o flash
w/ flash
Two empties in MAC palette but not in a rush to fill that up. MAC is just average in quality to me. I prefer Sleek.

Fourth draw: eyes and lips.
w/ flash
w/o flash
Close up of lipsticks.
 Lip glosses and lip balms in empty Ferrero Rocher box! Very useful for storage.

Eyeshadows stored in kitchen cutlery holder.

Smaller palettes and quads on side.

Fifth draw: Palettes.
Underneath UD palettes - Smashbox palette.
Sixth draw: bigger palettes.

Lots of Urban Decay.

More UD and Yaby shadows in a Z palette.

Inglot shadows.

Seventh draw: random.
Eighth draw: A hair dryer from the dark ages, Argan Oil from Lee Stafford and extra skincare I've stocked up on ('coz I've heard my fave moisturiser is being discontinued.)
Nothing much interesting in my final draw, just gifts I put together to give away.

So that's everything. It's nothing compared to some of the mammoth collections I've seen on YouTube but my collection is still too much for the average person. I've ordered a few things from and cherry culture (40% NYX discount too hard to resist) but otherwise I've been on a no-buy for the last month and I'm hoping to keep it that way until I use up a few foundations, concealers and powders (I've only got a few weeks left of some of my bb creams and foundations as it stands).  As for eyeshadow - I don't think I'll need any more for the next few years! Still, makeup is a hobby of mine and I'd love to do more freelance work too, so feel I can justify this collection but I'd like to keep it this size as it's just right for me. Any more and it'll be overload!


  1. I like it. I might be getting an Alex but I'm not sure whether to get the one u have or the wide one. What do you think?

  2. I think it depends on your room set up and how much space you have. I only had a small space in the corner of my room so the longer version was better for me. Also I purchased my Alex unit specifically with makeup in mind so I prefer the longer unit rather than the wide. They both seem excellent though :)

  3. I am purchasing this today! I can't wait; thanks for teh pictures!


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