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BB Cream Reviews (inc. Missha, Skin79, Hanskin etc.)

(Just a heads up: this will be a long and rambly post since I'm talking about a looot of items)

Debated whether to review these BB creams separately or collectively but figured collectively will give people a general overview and I know that's something I would have appreciated before I went and splurged on what feels like every BB cream under the sun!

The following are the BB creams I tested from the months of March onwards. I tested them all at least twice and will be rating them all according to how they worked on my skin (for reference - NC25/NC30, combination to oily, tendency to get shiny quickly, prone to acne though I can go months with clear skin and then suddenly get an outbreak and then it can clear up again quickly, [I know, it's super long-winded] some blemishes on the skin, can get allergic reactions). When I tested these I was super stressed with work and my skin wasn't as oily as it usually is but I would still say my skin gets shinier than the average person quickly.

Top row left-right: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream 21, Missha Perfect Cover BB cream 22, Missha Matte Vita BB cream, Missha Moisture Vita BB cream, Missha Signature BB cream 23, Missha M Cover BB Balm [Pact Type] 23.  Bottom row left-right: Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm BB cream, Skin 79 Intense Classic BB cream, BRTC Glossy BB cream, Hanskin Premium Repair BB cream, Hanskin Jelly skins BB cream and Hanskin Super 3 solutions BB cream.

The following are swatches on the back of my hand in the following order:
Top row left-right: Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm BB cream, Skin 79 Intense Classic BB cream, BRTC Glossy BB cream, Hanskin Premium Repair BB cream, Hanskin Jelly skins BB cream and Hanskin Super 3 solutions BB cream.

Bottom row left-right: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream 21, Missha Perfect Cover BB cream 23, Missha Matte Vita BB cream, Missha Moisture Vita BB cream, Missha Signature BB cream 23, Missha M Cover BB Balm [Pact Type] 23. 

The first image is in natural light and the second image was taken close to a window.

My hands are a lot darker than my face (I feel like I tan more when driving and stuff. Maybe that's just me though). So you can see clearly what the shades and undertones of the BB creams are.

I have combination to oily skin. I tend to get a shiny t-zone around 4/5 hours into wear with foundation and that's when I use blotting sheets. If something lasts 4 hours on me before getting shiny I take that as a good sign. The average person will probably get a few hours extra without needing to blot so the numbers I've given in the reviews will obviously vary from person to person.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21+ 23:
So these are the famous BB creams (or the most well known).
I use shade 23 for myself and 21 on my very pale family members. They have many other shades available (one that is paler and many more in darker shades so the shade range is good).
  • Tone: 21 is very white whilst 23 goes on grey and ashy looking. After half an hour or so it gets a little a darker and blends in with my skin well. By the end of the day it seems to have darkened a little further but it's nothing noticeable
  • Matches well with my skin after setting with powder 
  • Consistency : similar to foundation
  • Coverage is good (medium and buildable). Blurs blemishes but doesn't cover up completely.
  • Finish: It's slightly sticky feeling so those who hate that would not like this cream as it doesn't mattify itself as time wears on
  • Scent: It is heavily scented (like baby powder). Doesn't affect me but those allergic to parfum might not like it.
  • Lasting power: On me it lasted 4 hours before getting shiny. 
  • Comes in various shades
Rating: 8/10

Missha M Vita (Matte) BB cream

As far as I know this one only comes in one shade and it's the trademark pale colour.
  • Tone: No clear undertone. Maybe slightly pink
  • Consistency: medium (not thick or thin)
  • Coverage: medium
  • This felt very mask like on the skin
  • Definitely did have a mattifying effect (though it seemed to dull the skin in the process) and so would be good for very oily skin
  • This one didn't blend into my skin the way Perfect Cover did and since I wasn't a complete match for it, it didn't look very natural. Even after setting with powder it looked mismatched and cakey on me
  • Scent: same as Perfect Cover
  • Lasting power: 4+ hours before getting shiny
  • Comes in one shade
Rating: 6/10

Missha Vita Moisture BB cream
(tried this when I was going through a dry skin phase)

  • Tone: ever so slightly pink (not noticeable)
  • Consistency: Thin - a little runny
  • Coverage: light
  • Finish: Dewy - not glittery or shimmery but with a definite sheen
  • Definitely for those with dry skin (those with oily or combo skin will find this makes them look like an oil slick)
  • Light shade but it blended in with my skin after a while
  • Scent: Like baby powder and flowers combined
  • Lasting Power: 2 hours+
  • One shade
Rating: 6/10 

Missha Signature BB cream (shade 23)
  • Similar to Perfect Cover BB cream in 23 but with slightly less coverage
  • Tone: Not so grey toned but not completely yellow either - slightly beige
  • Consistency: A little thinner in consistency than Perfect Cover but very similar
  • Blended into skin well
  • Didn't cover all my blemishes but it did blur them slightly
  • Finish: Neither overly dewy or completely matte. One of the more natural looking BB creams I've tried
  • Scent: Similar to Perfect Cover but not so strong
  • Lasting power: Shiny after the 4 hour mark
  • Various shades available
Rating: 7/10

Missha Compact BB Cream (shade 23)
  • Tone: Yellow (Despite having the same shade numbers they did look different on my skin - whilst Perfect Cover had an initial grey cast, this was more yellow)
  • Consistency: This was very similar in wear to the Perfect Cover but since it came in a compact it had a more solid formula. It was also more creamy in consistency.
  • Coverage: Medium (buildable)
  • Finish: Matte with a slight sheen (but not overly dewy)
  • Scent: A slight perfumey/floral scent but not overwhelming
  • Lasting Power: Around 4 hours before getting shiny
  • Various shades available
The packaging was lovely and it was quite a novelty using a compact BB cream but I didn't prefer this for everyday use as it took more blending and more work to use overall. Still, it's a good BB cream.

Rating: 7/10

BRTC Glossy BB cream

I use this one more as a highlighter than foundation since it has a very shimmery sheen to it. It has very little coverage whatsoever and does not look good used as a typical BB cream since the "glossy" nature or the cream would make one look like an oil slick or a disco ball. I use this in place of Benefit's High Beam or Moon Beam Highlighters on those with very pale or cool toned complexions since this is slightly silvery.

Rating as a BB cream: 2/10
Rating as a highlighter: 7/10

Hanskin Jelly Skins
  • Tone: Peachy
  • Consistency: Slightly jelly-like (as the name would imply!) 
  • Nice texture, very light and airy
  • Coverage: light
  • Covers redness and blurs the look of scars but doesn't conceal
  • Finish: Non sticky
  • Scent: no heavy scent, not noticeable
  • Lasting Power: 3+ hours
  • One shade only
Rating: 6/10

Hanskin 3 Solution

Same as the above but slightly thicker in consistency and slightly better coverage.

Rating: 7/10

Hanskin Premium Repair
  • Tone: Peachy-Beige
  • Consistency: Thin and runny (which makes it wear off quite quickly, especially on the t-zone)
  • Coverage: Light
  • It was a little pale for me but looked fine after setting with powder
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Scent: Very lightly scented (like a mixture of clay and perfume) but not noticeable
  • Lasting Power: 3+ hours
  • One shade
Rating 6/10

Skin 79 Super Beblesh BB cream (Hot Pink)

  • Tone: Pink
  • Consistency: Similar to Missha's Perfect Cover in consistency, just a tad thinner (I'd say in the middle of a foundation and tinted moisturiser)
  • Coverage: Similar to Perfect Cover (medium coverage, buildable)
  • Very pale on me (but was okay after lashings of powder)
  • Finish: Natural (not overly dewy or matte)
  • Scent: Slight perfumey scent
  • Lasting power: 4+ hours
  • One shade
Rating 7.5/10

Skin 79 Intense Classic BB cream
  • Tone: Yellow
  • Consistency: Very thick. Mask like effect
  • Coverage: Heavy, since it is made to conceal blemishes
  • This would be good for very blemished skin
  • I, personally, have blemished skin, but I still found this BB cream too thick and heavy for my liking. I'd prefer to have some of my blemishes showing and let my skin feel like it's breathing then pile this cakey-ness on.
  • Finish: Matte
  • Scent: No obvious scent but closer inspection reveals a clay-like scent
  • Lasted 4+ hours before getting shiny 
  • One shade
Rating: 5.5/10

So my overall winners: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream and Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm.

*Update April 2012* Have found a way to make the most of the Skin 79 Intense classic BB cream. I mix it in with foundation and it works a treat - it conceals blemishes better than foundation alone without the heavy cakey feeling of wearing the BB cream by itself! Thus I've decided to change my rating to 7/10.  :)

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