Friday, 27 May 2011

L'Oréal Telescopic Explosion Mascara - I don't like it

Points to note:
I don't have the longest or thickest lashes. They are pretty sparse but not entirely invisible. So I'm a good candidate for testing out mascaras and I sure do test out a lot.

Last year I cut down on buying mascaras because I wanted to totally finish a tube before starting another one. They say you should throw them away after three months and I might have stretched them out to four but more because by then they were finished, not because they were dried out or ruined. I can make most of my mascaras last a couple months longer than the three month suggested usage time and with lip products I'm very good with throwing them out by best before date but I can't bring myself to do that with mascaras since with a lot of mascaras they actually seem to work better after a month or so of use and I feel like I should use them up if they work well.

I've tried mascaras from L'Oréal , Maxfactor, Covergirl, Maybelline, Rimmel, Collection 2000 and a few other brands I've forgotten. My current favourite is this Chanel sample but I do like most high street (drugstore) mascaras too.

But by golly, I was not prepared for just how awful this mascara would be. It went gloopy and smelled like plastic within LESS THAN three months and it was NOT through any fault of mine - in fact I didn't even use the mascara that often in that time!

I was used to the "torture ball" wand smudging and whatnot but I wasn't prepared for the gloop factor. This is scuzzy so you've had your warning: this is how yucky the wand looked after just over two months:

Yep, pretty disgusting, right? Use a wand like that and you'd get stuck together eyelashes and smudged black shiny gloop all over your eyelids. I know some people like clumpy lashes but after using this your lashes wouldn't even be recognizable as lashes.

I hate it pure and simple. Don't waste your money like I did - it's the worst product ever! Okay, I exaggerate, not the worst overall makeup product ever, but definitely the worst mascara ever for a price of over £8!

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