Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ciak notebooks

Since I'm totally on a notebook reviewing roll I am continuing on with Ciak notebooks, which are the priciest of the more high quality notebooks I own (Moleskine, Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917).

I paid £14+ for these from Amazon. I purchased one red notebook with plain white pages and one black with lined rainbow pages. What makes this item so unique is the fact that the elastic band clasp runs through the middle of the notebook. I thought it was interesting at first but really it adds nothing more to the notebook than the normal elastic already does.
Erm, I think I'm a little harsh about the notebook above! I wrote that the minute I received the notebook without thinking that I would eventually be posting it to my blog. If I'd have known that then I would perhaps have been a lot nicer - the paper isn't that bad! I was just ranting away to myself. However it isn't good enough for a notebook that is nearly £15 in price. Below you can see the show through which is a point of perpetual annoyance for me.
The black Ciak with rainbow paper is better as the coloured paper masks the obvious show through quite a bit.
Overall both these notebooks aren't bad whatsoever. The actual assembly of the product is very good and it feels sturdy and strong so I assume it will be long lasting. I also like the size as these would fit nicely into a handbag for on the go writing. I'm disappointed by the paper which I don't feel reflects the £14.99 price tag so for that reason I won't repurchase.

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