Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Journal of Kori

This is my current every day notebook purchased from a Korean seller on eBay (which is sadly still the only place I purchase all my Korean goodies. Wish there was an easier way to find them here!)

I can't remember exactly how much I bought mine for but it wasn't too expensive, I think it was between £6 and £7. The seller who I purchased from doesn't stock them anymore but there are still sellers on eBay selling for around £12.
There are two type main types of journals I go for: the usual standard black, A5, "conservative" type (which makes up a good percentage of my whole collection) and then the quirky "cute" type. This falls into the latter category.
None of the pages are white or ivory but rather this tea-stained looking colour.
All of the pages are lined and have designs on the bottom of the pages.
Some close ups.
Cute! I generally prefer unlined pages for my scrawling but occasionally I like lines and these little designs in the bottom corners really make this journal all the more whimsical.

If only I could find notebooks like these in UK stores. All we have are giant Pukka pads!

1 comment:

  1. The random little designs throughout are cute and fun. Is "Kori" the name of the character or some show? I've never heard of this one. Interesting design, I might have to look into getting some international journals.


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