Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks - I love them!

I currently own three Leuchtturm1917 notebooks and am using and enjoying every single one.

They come in a range of colours available with lines, grids, dotted and plain for somewhere in the region of £7-£12 depending on where you purchase them from. A quick scroll through Amazon shows a plain paper A5 notebook going for £9.94. Certainly not cheap at all but more affordable than the average Moleskine or Rhodia.

The first version I have is a plain paper A5 "Bicolore" (2 colour) notebook in Cornflower Blue/Yellow.
The inside cover, ribbon and elastic tag are bright yellow whilst the hardcover is blue.
Each Leuchtturm1917 notebook comes with a contents page and numbered pages (that also have rounded corners - a feature I particularly appreciate as I find myself getting fewer papercuts on rounded corners than sharp corners).

There's still show through with these pages (which I also found to be an issue with Moleskine and to a lesser degree with Rhodia). You can see it clearly below - I used a grey pen and the words on the next page create this unappealing shadow.
Despite this I really do love Leuchtturm1917s. I haven't found many notebooks that have NO show through whatsoever (unless we're talking about books that use card as opposed to paper but that's a different story) so I do feel that after Rhodia these have become my favourite notebooks (Moleskine is now third).

Most people won't care much for the extra bits that accompany the purchase but I found they made it all the more memorable for me.

You get a card thanking you for your purchase.
A mini leaflet with the tagline "Details make all the difference" - and they certainly do!
Company history, which again I know the average person might not read but really nice for the notebook fan to read about:
Other products:
Stickers to label your notebook (I used two already).
A grid sheet with lines on the reverse side to use as a guide (which I should probably use since I'm always writing wonky!)
I know I've said I love these notebooks already but I really cannot stress how useful I find them! I used to be a complete paper snob and felt let down by the thin paper but now I use this notebook as a free writing journal where I am messy and don't worry too much about how things look on the page and it is perfect for that! I can't recommend it highly enough.
I also own a pink version.
Company name is embossed on the back cover so it isn't as bold and in-you-face as the Rhodia.
Pocket in the back cover to store loose sheets.
First page:
I bought the hot pink plain A5 notebook quite some time ago (March!). Here's the nonsense I wrote on the first page.
You also get a few sheets at the end of the book that are perforated so you could take these pages out without leaving any unsightly tears in your book.
close up of page number
And I got a "Tobacco" coloured notebook also. This completes my small but very much appreciated Leuchtturm1917 collection.

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