Friday, 31 May 2013

Nature Republic Tweety Line Powder Compact

I have been away from the blogging world for more than half a year! That's quite some time! To be honest I have no actual excuse. Busy with work, yes, but I was also considering what direction to take the blog in. I've decided to blog the way I originally intended to - write about whatever takes my fancy. Currently I've gotten back into an old hobby of mine: journalling. So expect a few upcoming notebook posts! Apart from that I'll still blog about makeup. I've cut down on makeup splurges but not given up entirely :)

Thought I'd get the ball rolling by discussing some powder to begin.

Nature Republic is a Korean cosmetics company and they released a Tweetybird collection this year.

I purchased a powder (called Tweety line Pact from a trusty eBay seller) in the shade 23 for around £7. There are only the 2 shades to choose from and 23 was the darker one so I went with that.
The packaging here is the real gimmick. It's clearly aimed at fans of Tweetybird or just cutesy fans in general. I absolutely love it.
I can't say I bought it just for the packaging alone though. I was in need of a new powder and wanted to give a Korean brand a try since I've tried dozens of both drugstore and high end western powders.
How adorable is that design?
I gotta say I actually really liked the powder. It wasn't too heavy or cakey for me but at the same time it did provide more coverage that the average anti-shine powder. It isn't the best at oil control, but then nothing I've tried is if I'm honest. I'm just an oil slick after a few hours whether I wear any makeup or not. This helped curbed the oil for the same amount of time that most powders do for me. I was happy with the light coverage too.
In terms of whether I'll repurchase the answer is probably not. I like the product but I don't think it will last a long time. After one swipe with an ELF powder brush you can see above that the design was already fading away. Considering the price I'm a tad disappointed with the fact that a lot of powder gets used up with every use so it certainly won't last me very long. Nevertheless I'm happy with everything else and the packaging has already received compliments, which is its main purpose I suppose!

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