Friday, 31 May 2013

Boots No 7 Facial Cleansing Brush

The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush is currently sold at Boots for £24.95. 

I bought it knowing it would not be anything like the Clarisonic which is more than three times the price of this budget item. It didn't deter me from buying it with a £5 off voucher though.

I have oily skin and the sales assistant said that meant i had the ideal skin type for this item as it's not recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin as it can be a bit harsh. 

Like other cleansing brushes the brush head rotates to give you a clean that also exfoliates. It has batteries which I like because I always forget to charge rechargeable items (like my toothbrush) so I prefer this setup. 

I used my Origins Checks and Balances facewash mainly but I've tried a few other facewashes with it too.
Overall I'm disappointed. I've found the brush to feel scratchier as time has gone on. For the first week I didn't get any new breakouts but in the second and third week of use I started to get a few pimples and more redness around my nose and cheeks than usual. I feel like my skin is drier and more sensitive also. I don't want to entirely blame it on the brush, as I have been trying out a few other products here and there recently. Plus the weather has been changing and I haven't been drinking as much water as usual and that always makes a difference to me. But once I stopped using the brush my face hasn't felt as sensitive and sore.
The actual brush head looks rather unappealing with its fraying bristles. I know I haven't been pressing too hard on it and I've been using it on the slower of the two settings.

Overall I'm not sold on how effective it has been as a facial brush but I will definitely use it as a body brush. I know it isn't marketed as one but I think it'd be quite useful buffing away dry skin on the body (dry brushing) or with body washes.

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