Sunday, 16 September 2012

Favourite makeup removers

Having experimented with makeup from the age of about 17 onwards I've tried lots of different products to remove both face and eye makeup.

When I first got into makeup all I used was kohl eyeliner and often I'd walk around college with panda eyes thinking it looked good. *hangs head* I've got small hazel eyes so I liked the look of black eyeliner around both upper and lower lash line. It did make my eyes look brighter but also smaller at the same time if that's possible. I always found it difficult to fully remove eyeliner, especially from the waterline area, until I discovered Simple wipes. I'm 24 now and I can say Simple wipes are still a staple item for me when I'm in a rush to remove makeup and they still work as well as they did 7 years ago. I've got combo-oily-sensitive skin (rather difficult to cater for with different parts of my face reacting differently to different products) and Simple wipes don't cause any adverse reactions on me, even around my sensitive eye area. I'd say Simple wipes are the ONLY skincare item I have gone back to again and again for the past 7 years and whilst I have branched out into trying other facial wipes (for eg from Nivea, No7, Olay etc), these are the only ones I go back to for value for money and efficiency.

My rating = 8/10.
£2.99 from Superdrug but often on offer for 3for2. Complete bargain.
I only discovered Bioderma in the past year or so because Pixiwoo recommended the brand. Since both sisters have amazing skin I always research their recommendations to see if any would be suitable for my skin type. I couldn't find Bioderma available anywhere in the UK so I bought a bottle of their Micelle Solution cleanser/makeup remover from eBay for combo/oily skin. Personally I hate buying skincare from eBay but I found a seller from France who sold the genuine product so I thought I'd give it a go and I have to say this is my favourite makeup remover of all time. It's a watery solution that removes makeup SO gently and very effectively. I pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and sweep over my face and it glides over the skin better than olive oil could. There is also a sensitive solution version which I also tried and liked but I found the combo/oily skin solution worked better for me just because I needed fewer swipes to remove eye makeup but I'd still recommend both, depending on what skin type you have.

My rating = 10/10.

My final favourite makeup remover is a product I only bought recently to replace the Bioderma solution. I decided not to repurchase on eBay just to see if I could find something similar to Bioderma in shops and I think I have. Boujois' eye makeup remover is £4.99 from Boots and seems to have a very similar formula to Bioderma's. Bourjois' version looks more similar to Lancome's remover in that there are two blue solutions which you shake up before pouring onto cotton pads. I was very pleasantly surprised by it because it was quite gentle and didn't inflame my sensitive eye area. Although it's specifically designed for the eye area I still liked the way it removed my face makeup also and I've had no adverse reactions so far. I'm not sure what it is about the Bioderma that I like better but that remains my favourite and if I could buy it as easily as I can with Bourjois and Simple products I would definitely stick just to Bioderma. Since I can't the Bourjois remover is the next best thing. Again I'd recommend this to all.

My rating = 9/10.

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