Monday, 3 September 2012

Sleek Suede Effect Powder - I don't like it

I initially really liked this powder as it really does feel like suede to touch. It also isn't too opaque (which is a quality I like in powders - I prefer them to be sheer or translucent). I've also got to admit that as a massive Sleek fan I tend to say "Ooh it's Sleek so it must be good!" to whatever Sleek item I buy and I did that with this but I have now completely u-turned my view of this product.
natural light
close up next to window
Today was the first day I returned to work after a lengthy 6 week break and I used this powder over my usual foundation. Even on scorching days I can go at least two hours without having to use oil blotting sheets but not so today and the weather was reasonable. I was embarrassingly oily after a single hour - I mean it looked like I had used vaseline for my moisturiser and I am not exaggerating. I had to keep checking my face in the mirror to blot and then re-powder and it's difficult to do that every hour at work as well as being an unnecessary inconvenience.

I feel bad being so negative about a Sleek product since I champion the brand so much but I had to be honest. This is such a dud product. I feel like I just wasted £7.

There are some positive reviews online so maybe it works better with dryer skin types. But for normal to oily skin I would not recommend it.

I'm going to have to repurchase my old favourite Bourjois powder after work tomorrow - I can't put up with any more olive oil faced days!

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