Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sleek's limited edition 2012 collection (My 2 cents)

Popped into Superdrug last week to see Sleek's latest collection on the stands. Everything was a complete mess as it often is in Superdrug and there were literally about two products left because everything was sold out. With Sleek, if you don't get there quickly with limited editions they tend to get snapped up within the first couple of days, or they do in my local Superdrugs anyway.

I had a quick look at the items and I have to admit, I am not a fan. Now this is not a reflection of Sleek as a brand as I have to say Sleek houses my favourite face products (I own 11 of their blushes incl. single and trios) and my addiction to drug store makeup began when they launched their eyeshadow palettes. I cannot get enough of Sleek and always get excited whenever they launch something new. But the colour scheme of the 2012 collection just doesn't work very well for my skin tone.
Wish I could say I like the promo image - but I don't! She looks a little creepy to me!
First off, the blush named Honour (British spelling!!) (£4.49) is a shimmery bronze colour and is one of the darkest peach-brown blushes I've seen on the high street (usually high street/drugstore blushes tend to be on the pink or light peach side). Sleek very much love their unique shades and this is no exception. As with all Sleek blushes it's pigmented, a soft texture and blends well. It does however look extremely muddy on my medium (NC25/NC30) complexion. I can see it working on darker skin tones but for the fair and light medium this won't be a natural looking blush. I also think it's similar to Sleek's Muscovado in the Sugar Blush by 3 palette which I already own so no need for a dupe there.
Now on the promo image there it does call itself a bronzer which explains why it leans more brown than pink for a blush. Nevertheless it is so packed full of shimmer my oily-combo skin would not like it. Defo one for those who like a shimmery bronzer rather than matte finish. This would be ridiculous as a contour shade so steer yourself towards Sleek contour duo/trio palettes if that's what you fancy.

The Pout Polish - Pride (£4.49) seems a nice neutral. It's a slightly burnished colour with sparkly gold shimmer.

The eyeshadow palette, named Glory, is sold at the now hiked up price of £7.99 and it seems all of Sleek's old and current palettes have been increased to £7.99.  (Remember the days when they were £4.99? Yeah, that was before Sleek became mainstream and American YouTubers got in there).
This one is an odd combination for me - some medal inspired shades in the top row and brights at the bottom (inspired by flags? IDK). I swatched these in store and as always pigmentation was amazing but it still didn't tempt me into purchasing. I like palettes to have some cohesion between the shades so I can mix and match colours for looks but this palette was a little all over the place for me.

I still think Sleek have outstanding palettes for newbies and collectors alike but for those who already own a lot of palettes I can't say this one is a must-have. I'd still definitely recommend it for those building up their collection.


  1. I wanted to get this palette but sleek doesn't ship this to the U.S. Some regulation with one of the ingredients... bleh~ But after your review, I think I don't really need it. kekekeke Thanks!

  2. Yeah Americans aren't allowed neon eyeshadows - not sure why, maybe it's not safe? But then neons are allowed in Europe and Europe has quite good safety regulations. Honestly it's a good palette but totally not a must-have for those who have lots of palettes already, the shades are easily dupe-able.


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