Sunday, 29 July 2012


L'Occitane is a natural beauty brand that used to house some of my favourite skincare items ever. As a sufferer of oily, blemish prone skin I have seen a marked improvement using L'Occitane's Red Rice range.
Now that they've discontinued the range I am at a loss as to what I should attempt next. For a long time I shopped around and bought countless moisturisers in an attempt to prevent excess oiliness and also the pimples that go with greasy skin and in the process I did end up breaking out a lot. 

I assume there wasn't as great a demand for the Rice range so they had to cut it. Of course I'm a little angry that I found what seemed to be the best moisturiser ever, only to have it taken away from me as soon as my skin started to improve. Nevertheless I can't be angry with the brand. They still offer a lot of products that are slowly becoming my staples.

First off I love how L'Occitane's products are heavily scented. Usually I hate skincare with artificial fragrance but I never seem to react to L'Occitane's fragranced items (maybe because they are of natural origin?) and also they smell AMAZING.

The Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel is a scrub that helps slough away dead skin without being too harsh on the skin. Currently on sale for £5.40/200ml on the website it's still a little more expensive than the shower gels and scrubs I usually use (I tend to shell out for face care and go for cheaper items for body skincare) it's still well worth it.
 L'Occitane have some of the most feminine perfumes I've ever come across. They are rather pricey though, so instead of taking the plunge and buying a large bottle only to find the scent doesn't last for very long and needs constant topping up or other issues, I decided to try a small rollerball perfume just to test one out. I got the Plum Blossom Intense Eau de Toilette Roll-on which is £10.15 for 10ml.
 This has a slightly fruity floral scent that I really love. It also lasts all day on me.

Another item I've never tried before is solid perfume so I decided to try the Cherry Blossom solid perfume at £7.50 per 10ml.
 Looking at the ingredients you can see why it resembles Vaseline so much.
I love the idea of carrying a little tin of perfume around for touch ups during the day if necessary. Again this is another very feminine, floral, soft scent and it doesn't have the sharpness of an eau de toilette rollerball has. I am definitely going to purchase the eau de toilette version of this in future though. It's rather expensive at £38/100ml but perfume is one of those things that I don't buy very often or use up at lightning speed so I'm more than happy to invest in it.

So while I'm unhappy that my favourite skincare range has been discontinued, I'm more than happy to continue trying out all the other gems this brand has to offer.

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