Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'm not buying from Sigma makeup ever again

I say I'm not going to buy Sigma products after ever Sigma haul but this time I really mean.

The brushes can be very hit or miss - some bleed non stop despite numerous washes and shed all over the place. It can be difficult to get rid of the plastic, chemical-ey smell again despite constant washes. Others can be really good.

The palettes to me were just so bulky I had to ultimately give them away as they took up far too much space in my storage. They were also a little too chalky for my liking.

What drove me to buy from them again was the Dry 'N Shape brush drier as it has a lot of positive reviews and could double up as a brush belt. Sigma had a discount code going at the time too so I figured I'd buy a travel set of brushes also to leave at work.
I figured the Dry 'N Shape would be perfect for me as most of my large brushes can take up to two days to dry. The cold, damp, British weather doesn't help.
The instructions claim 4-6 hours should be sufficient to dry the brushes but this isn't the case for me with the larger brushes. I have to leave them in for at least 12 hours, generally more, which is still quicker dry time than leaving brushes on the edge of my desk to dry, but I was still disappointed it took longer than Sigma claims it should.
It did help prevent the bristles on my brushes from getting all splayed and kept them in shape which is one plus.
I did feel like they could have added a few more slots for smaller brushes.
It's currently $29 on the Sigma site. I guess if it works for people as it claims to that's a reasonable price. I still use it but am disappointed with it overall.

Next up I purchased the Make me Blush Travel Kit ($59 currently on the Sigma site).
I do like the brush holder and the fact it holds them very tightly.
The brushes are slightly smaller versions of the full size brushes but lack the quality of the full size brushes. The black bristled brushes bleed even after ten washes :( The foundation brush is a little less densely packed than the full size foundation brush I have. I do like the angled blush brush and angled liner brush.

I was pleased to purchase these two Sigma items at a discounted price but overall I'm disappointed with both items. What sealed the nail in the coffin for me though, was the fact I had to pay over £24 ($38!) on a customs charge. Whatever saving I made was spent there. It's the first time I've ever had to pay a customs charge for an international package and I don't want to repeat the experience so goodbye Sigma. We've had some ups and downs but unfortunately you've disappointed me one too many times. I'll look to the high street for future brushes.

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