Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Real Techniques brushes

I want to start off this post by saying I love the Pixiwoo sisters. I have watched every single one of their videos over the years and they are some of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube. Unlike a lot of makeup gurus who can do makeup beautifully only on themselves, these women are true professionals.

I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set from for £20.99. I read a few reviews online where reviewers loved all the brushes they'd tried and some that weren't so enthusiastic. Unfortunately I'm on the latter side of the fence - I didn't find these brushes to be anything special.
I like very densely packed brushes that are full of fibres. I found these brushes to look very fluffy but there weren't as many bristles in the brushes as I expected. I wouldn't class them as completely thin but they are nothing like Sigma's HD collection brushes or Eco Tools brushes (which I also recently purchased - EcoTools are really good). The reason I prefer more densely packed brushes is because I find they can deliver a cleaner finish whilst thinner brushes can leave foundation and cream products look streaky on me so I end up having to do more blending.

These brushes do a decent job and I would recommend them to makeup newbies as they are a very good price and a good starting point. For me, I have a large brush collection and am getting pickier about what I use and these brushes just weren't any comparison to what I already own. To summarise then: these brushes were fine but not amazing.

I still love Pixiwoo and will continue to watch all of their videos and use their brushes too. I am disappointed with the brushes and won't be repurchasing them in the future or anything but I will still make the most of them as I do with all of my brushes. I just won't be using them for the purposes I had in mind but I'll get use out of them somehow.


  1. A shame you didn't like the brushes. Thanks for the review

  2. I know, I was so looking forward to them! Doesn't matter, I still love Sam and Nic.


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