Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stuff I like/dislike about eyeshadow palettes

First up I like strongly pigmented eyeshadows which is a given with all eyeshadow whether it be loose or pressed. Urban Decay and Inglot shadows have been my favourite pigmented eyeshadow purchases of last year. I also like my Kat Von D palette for strongly pigmented shades.
even on cotton swatches are insane!
One thing I dislike is unappealing eyeshadow names. Now obviously people have different preferences but personally I dislike the sexualisation of EVERYTHING in culture right now, even down to eyeshadow names, everything just has to be a little bit unnecessary.
I also dislike eyeshadow names that don't sound "pretty" as such (like NYX's "Butt Naked" eyeshadow palette.) *shudder*. But I know this is just a personal preference and a lot of people don't care or prefer it.

I like packaging that doesn't take up too much space and is functional. I think TheBalm's "Balm and the Beautiful" palette is good for this.
It has a lovely eyeshadow shade range.
Which are kept easily separated from the cream products.
The cream products themselves are also very good.

I also like packaging to be nice to look without being bulky or awkward. MAC's snowglobe palettes look nice but are a funny shape.
Urban Decay's Deluxe palette is one of my favourite palettes for its buttery smooth and highly pigmented colours but I do like the packaging also, it's very unique.
For strength and durability I would say Inglot palettes seem the strongest (they are definitely the heaviest to lug around).
For placement in a palette I think the Urban Decay Naked palette is my favourite for its arrangement of eyeshadow pans (they are close and don't waste space - I think it is obvious by now how much I hate brands that bulk up packaging and waste space unnecessarily *case in point Sigma palettes*).

My local Specsavers is terrible - I have been doing without contact lens for weeks now and so eyeshadow wearing has been on the back burner for me (feels a bit weird wearing eyeshadow and then sticking on a pair of specs). But I am happy to say I have received the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and will begin using it soon! I still think the original palette is my ultimate favourite but Naked 2 comes a close second. Will hopefully be doing some more posts this weekend. I'm got suuuuch a backlog of posts to do...

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