Friday, 17 February 2012

First order from love-makeup

My first order from was motivated by all the youtube videos I watched that listed this website as a great one for UK makeup fans. Here's my haul.

I ordered a bunch of yaby single shadows priced from £2.25 to £2.75 (depending on the finish - the pearl paints cost more). I would have bought the full palettes but they were incredibly pricey (£75+) and though the colour spectrum on offer was very diverse I couldn't justify spending that much on colours that I would never wear (the fluorescent greens and oranges). Thus I decided to simply buy single shadows in colours I would wear (mainly browns and pinks).
 I also bought my first Z palette. I got the smaller one for £8.99 which was another pricey purchase in my opinion but one that I was very happy with. I have a lot of magnetic single shadows (MAC, Inglot, etc.) so I like the idea that I can mix and match my shadows in these palettes.
The Z palette is sturdy and has the clear cover which makes it easy to see all shadows underneath. It also came with some large magnets which are useful.
Here's the palette with some yaby singles thrown in. I'm going to fill the palette with more yaby singles in future as I loved the ones I purchased, particularly the mattes. I ordered a single green which I liked but I won't be buying anymore greens or any blues at all as they are not colours I would ever wear but I would still recommend ALL the yaby single shadows to lover of strong pigmented colour. They are very small but if you are a makeup artist or collector they are ideal. Apart from some Urban Decay shades I have never finished a complete eyeshadow and so I prefer smaller singles to larger ones that I never even hit pan on.
I also purchased a Ben Nye 4 colour wheel. It looked pretty gross when I received it - as though the shades had dried out a little and were cracked.
It was perfectly fine though - very creamy with excellent coverage. I used the peachy orange shade under my eyes and it worked really well at covering my dark circles. As with all thicker, heavy coverage concealers it did crease into my fine lines but then again everything does so I'm not complaining. For the wrinkle free person this would be ideal. I used the yellow toned colour on my blemishes and it worked very well on those too. I'm not sure how much this cost me and it's no longer on the website for some reason but there is a 6 colour wheel for £26.99 which is a very similar product.
natural light
with flash
I also picked up a Makeup Atelier gel liner which claims to be waterproof and so shouldn't smudge, but as with every single gel liner i have ever tried - it did. Neverthless it is still a great liner and again, on the average person I know this would work a treat. It cost £13 for 5g which is pretty much the same as most high end liners.
I got a midnight blue shade. It looks pretty black in normal light but it has a dark blue sheen.
natural light
close up natural light
close up flash - pretty!
This has now become my favourite gel liner. It is the perfect coloured liner for me - not too bright so it is wearable enough for everyday but also different enough from black to make it interesting.

I made my order Sunday night and the items arrived on Tuesday which was super fast delivery. The products came in bubble wrap and were suitably packaged. Overall I am very happy with all my purchases and will happily buy more from the site in future.

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