Friday, 17 February 2012

Random junk I bought

The makeup purchases I made were from Boots. I picked up a Vichy Dermablend stick foundation in the colour Nude. It isn't a complete match for my NC25-NC30 skin but it's the best match I could find. It was £19 which is on par with a lot of mid end foundations but I think it is completely worth it as it conceals blemishes better than any other concealer or foundation I have ever tried.

I also bought a Bourjois healthy balance powder which I haven't tried yet but will use once my Clarins powder runs out which will be next week. The Bourjois powder was around £8 I think. I particularly like Bourjois powders as they last a really long time and do a decent job at keeping oil at bay.

Finally I bought a green-gold MUA single shadow. I like green/brown/gold mixes as I find they make the green in my hazle eyes pop and I haven't found a shade quite like this since I bought a collection 2000 pigment years ago (which is now discontinued).
I usually use Lee Stafford hair conditioner but it's quite expensive (£7 per tub) so I decided to try some Herbal Essences conditioner for £2. I love the way Herbal Essences hair stuff smells.

I haven't tried the facial hair remover yet - it looks a little painful and I have sensitive skin so I'm worried it might inflame my skin a little. I'm going to give it a go on the weekend and see how it turns out.

Superdrug Tea Tree pore strips are around £4. My blackheads have been pretty gross recently (TMI I know) and I find these work the same as more pricey brands.

I wanted to try some new moisturisers in this cold weather so I got a Clean and Clear mini morning energy moisturiser for £1.79. This has little shimmers in it that made me look extremely greasy but I would recommend this cream for those dry skin.  I haven't tried the Nivea night cream yet but at £2 it was a bargain I couldn't pass up. I think they usually cost a lot more but they are often discounted for short periods of time.
Finally I got a big paddle hairbrush for £4 thats bristles fell off after one brush :(

Some clear plastic bottles for travelling.

And an Avene gel cream that will hopefully help clear up some of my blemishes.

The end. 

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