Saturday, 14 January 2012

How I stored my makeup (through the years)

On my 17th birthday my best friend decided to give me a makeup set. She told me she initially got me perfume but switched it the day before my birthday for makeup. At the time I would have preferred the perfume since I didn't wear makeup at all but was happy she got me a gift either way. A few months after using it, however, I couldn't have been happier and there began my love of cosmetics. She now berates me for my makeup obsession but i just tell her she was the one who inspired my passion for the stuff. For a year or so all my makeup fit into one clear plastic case like one of the following cases you can buy on amazon.
After that I used a small train case type box that I received as a gift:
Around 3/4 years ago makeup collection videos were suddenly all the rage and I watched them all for inspiration and thought that drawers were definitely a better option than cases. I was still a student at the time and didn't have that high a budget so I purchased some simple cardboard drawers from Wilkinson and they managed to hold my whole collection. At the time they were on sale for £3 but in general these can still be found for around a fiver:
Two years ago I desperately wanted some larger and more sturdy Ikea drawers since the cardboard ones I had could not support the weight of my growing stash so my brother got me two drawers for a gift:
These drawers are excellent and I love the fact that they aren't too deep. My ones were around £20. Ikea sell a variation of these drawers that all look ideal for makeup storage.
 This particular one is called the Moppe and is £16.99 which is a very good deal for the quality.

I've outgrown my Ikea drawers now and have more Ikea storage on my lemming list. First up the Lennart looks interesting to me:
 It's £8.99 and is quite short (56cm) so would fit snuggly under my table. Some of my palettes are really heavy though (particularly the Inglot ones) and I think these drawers might buckle under the weight.
Secondly I looked at the Helmer which is a very affordable £24.99. I did like the look of this one a lot and I think the price is within my budget. Looking at the specs though, I wonder if it is too short for what I'm after (the whole thing is 69cm).

The final item on my lemming list is the 9 drawer Alex. This one seems the most suitable in terms of number of drawers available and the fact it has some shallower and some deeper drawers. I like the cut out handle spaces too. The price is skyscraper high compared to the others though - it's worth £81.99! I think I'm going to have to do a few swaps/sales of the items I already own and begin to cut down my collection and save up for this storage solution.
I'm doing my friend's makeup for her sister's engagement party tomorrow (hey girl hey) and she's going to give me an Urban Decay Naked2 palette as a thank you (so, so, SO excited, the original is my favourite palette of all time and I practically jumped for joy when I saw the sequel is now available for order on the Debenhams website). When she first told me she was going to give me a gift I was all "Hey of course you don't need to get me anything, there's nothing I want", but then she said "UDNP2" and I went... "OK THEN!!!" Haha, there's no way I'd say no to that! That was the only makeup item on my lemming list for the start of 2012 so I figured since I'm sorted for makeup, storage is probably the better thing to save up for.

Hopefully I'll be able to sort out all my makeup and do a storage post soon.

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