Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rediscovering an old favourite - Barry M Dazzle Dusts

The first Dazzle Dust I bought was a pink shade with a slight gold undertone (shade 3). It was around 3 years ago and I've used it many times in that span but there is still no sign that it has been used at all.
without flash
Dazzle Dusts are hands down my favourite pigments of all time. I have used plain MAC pigments, Crushed MAC pigments, NYX Chrome pigment shadows, Inglot pigments (and the list could go on)... But Barry M pigments are my staple faves. They are always beautifully pigmented, smooth and deliver even colour. They are also the most affordable loose shadows I've found (they are priced at £4.50 in my local Superdrug but there are continuous 3for2 offers on Barry M throughout the year so I've never bought them full price).

I also like that there are different types of Dazzle Dust; you get the fine textured loose powder and you also get the fine glitter dust. Usually the thought of Glitter really puts me off but these are the only loose glitter shadows I ever use because they go on buttery smooth when used with a suitable base underneath (like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy).
with flash
The only down side is that these can take a bit more work than pressed eyeshadows (fallout can be an issue with any loose shadow). Nevertheless these are the pigments I always use for special occasions.

Barry M Dazzly Dusts = Good stuff :)

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