Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November favourites

I don't actually have too many new items to mention this month and that's actually a sign that I really like a product (if I keep going back to it).

First up in the Clarins powder which I bought a few months ago and have already hit pan on.
I'm in the shade 20 (though it is a tad more pink on me than I would like - and also a little darker than my skin)
It doesn't keep me shine free all day as such but I get a good few hours without the greasy looking t-zone which is more than the majority of powders I have used. I'm trying out a FAMOUS powder at the moment but once that's used up I'm thinking of repurchasing this Clarins one.

Next up is Inglot eyeshadow which I have talked about many times.
The only issue with these is that there can be some fallout but I've noticed that all my most pigmented shadows (the Urban Decay, Sleek, Barry M ones etc.) all have some minimal fallout so I guess that fallout is something I have to deal with if I want to use vibrant colours.

Next up is lip gloss.
I was never that into lip products when I started wearing makeup a few years ago. It's only in the last year or so that I've become really interested in moisturising lip balms with colour and also lip stains - the UNE ones are my favourite, as well as Maxfactor lip pens. I never liked lip gloss because I always found them too sticky, gloopy and messy for my liking. I picked up the GOSH Light N Shine Lip Glaze at random and have been really loving it. It is slightly sticky but not in the obnoxious way cheap glosses are. It also doesn't leave that horrible white line some lip products can. It also has just the right amount of shimmer that doesn't come across as glittery but more sheen-ey. The Inglot gloss is the oddest gloss I've ever come across - it looks pearly white in the tube but it has a lilac duo-chrome look in the light. It's lovely over matte lip colours.

Next is Benefit's creaseless cream shadow in Birthday Suit:
What an awful picture of my used shadow. Anyhoo, I did notice some creasing when I used this initially in the summer  even when set with a powder shadow on top but recently it hasn't been creasing at all and I assume this is because of the change in the weather (perhaps the cold air is making my lids drier than usual? Idk). I've used this shadow a lot this past week when I've been in a mad rush in the morning and it adds a nice subtle shimmer.

Next: Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume.
I can't say this is the most original smelling perfume but I do think it's a safe one to use that doesn't come across as too strong or overwhelming (especially in the way that I use it - just one light spray). It's good stuff. I also really like D&G Light Blue, which again, isn't the most unique perfume but it has a pretty, feminine scent.

Finally I've been continuing to use my Chanel Mat Lumiere which remains my favourite foundation of all time. It's not completely without flaws but it's the best medium coverage foundation I've used (and I've used many over the years!)

And that completes the round up for this month :)

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