Monday, 28 November 2011


I'm always embarrassed about doing kpop posts - I know my friends read these and laugh at my immaturity. There are few 23 year olds out there I know who still watch kpop music videos at this age. It was okay to admit at 19 but now I'm bordering my mid 20s I find myself reluctant to discuss my interest in kpop and the fun choreography that accompanies the cheerful tunes. *Sigh* I'm getting old...

Well what is the internet for if not to air out your embarrassing habits? And one of mine is learning Kpop choreography.

The Wonder Girls are my favourite Korean girl band and after a long stay in America they're back in Korea. Be My Baby is a fun track.
I'm also loving their whole album. It's such a different mix of styles and genres.

Secret's Love is Move choreography always makes me dizzy - I don't know how they manage it in heels.

Kpop is so much fun :)

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