Sunday, 27 November 2011

Makeup I'm waiting for and rambling

I've been a little quiet with blogging for a while since I haven't been hauling too much stuff recently (I'm trying to keep to my no-buy for once). The 3for2 offer for Christmas at Superdrug has been going for ages so I decided to buy a few things before I regretted missing the offer so I purchased a pearly Barry M Dazzle Dust, an NYC blush that I had no hopes for, and a FAMOUS powder (the FAMOUS palettes may be rubbish but the powder was cheap and I'm running out of my Clarins so I thought i'd give it a chance.) All three items were £8.59 and with my Superdrug card I got £1 off. I was pleased as punch with my purchases but didn't really feel they were worth blogging about (good items but boring and nothing special really). Apart from that I have no new items to report about.

I haven't done any reviews since I haven't even been wearing much makeup recently (on account of having to wear glasses after the optician deemed my eyes as being "too dry and scarred" for contacts. I was initially terrified but hopefully eye drops and sleep should help). I've felt a bit plain without the usual shimmer shadows on my eyelids which tells me I have developed a dependency on makeup that is not healthy at all. Anyway, I'm enjoying getting back to the natural look in my nerdy specs, some foundation and occasionally blush but I will still be experimenting with makeup here and there - just hopefully not on an everyday "can't live without makeup" basis.

I passed my driving test last week and am happy about it but not that hyped (I'm 23 and did 3 tests in total this year - I would have felt even worse if I hadn't passed by my third test but still, 3 tests, thousands of pounds spent on driving and old age is hardly something to brag about. Even my younger sister passed before me - after only a few lessons). Anyhoo, since I'm saving for a car (cars, insurance and petrol are all ridiculous prices in the part of London) my makeup budget is going into the savings pot for now.

Thus instead of buying makeup I've developed an interest in makeup swaps. I did two this year on account of this blog and it's developed an appetite for more swaps. In the post any day now I'm expecting a Kat Von D palette.
I can't get enough of neutrals and had heard a lot about Kat Von D palettes so thought the Saint palette would be a good one to start with. We don't get this brand in the UK so this was the first item I asked for in my USA swap.

Apart from American makeup I've got a keen interest in Korean makeup (I've blogged about BB creams, powders and eyeshadows before). My dark circles are pretty bad so I am waiting on Skinfood's Concealer.
So, so excited. I have been using the Touche Eclat for a while but my dark circles have been extra dark recently (no sleep) and Touche Eclat doesn't do enough. With the colder weather the Touche Eclat also seems a little drier on my skin too, so hopefully the Skinfood concealer will be a better consistency and have a smoother finish.
I'm a sucker for anything that screams "kawaii!" like these hand creams do. I wanted something small to keep at work so I'm waiting on the Peach Panda one to store in my desk there.
Cherry Culture had a 40% off sale a good while back and I jumped at the chance to order some HD blushes. This was before passing my driving test so I wasn't thinking of saving for a car then and splurged on 2 to test them out. Since they claim to be photogenic I figured I would use them on clients.
I also ordered the NYX Nude on Nude palette. I have another mini palette with the same name that I leave at work which is pretty much in its last days so I figured this would be a perfect replacement. I've also heard it's a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette but at a fraction of the price which sounds all good to me.

I have been drooling over quite a few other items too - practically everything on Inglot site, all the Bourjois mascaras (but I'm not allowing myself to buy any new mascaras till I finish the 4 samples I already have), and the recent MAC collection - the latter of which only because I love the design on the Snowglobe eyeshadow palettes which is the worst reason for buying makeup, ever. Anyhoo, the quality of MAC items keeps going down over the years and I always find myself disappointed with whatever I buy so I need to refrain from looking at any MAC pictures lest I be tempted again.

I'll be sure to do a haul post once all my items arrive (which will be soon hopefully. Feels like I've waited over a month for some of this stuff). Also I'll be sure to do some reviews soon. I've been pretty rubbish with reviews and updates so far I know (been busy at work - but that's always my excuse. Teaching and marking takes up all my time).

Finally, on a non-makeup related note - the Kindle is awesome. That's my favourite of the month. :)

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