Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My makeup collection and storage (updated)

My makeup is all over my room - some makeup is in my Ikea drawers, some is in a mini traincase-like box and some is in a little makeup purse I keep in my bag. I also keep a few items at work (like some wipes, blot powder, lip balm, a mini mascara, Sonia Kashuk neutral palette etc.) So what I'm showing isn't everything but NEARLY everything.

I've been collecting makeup for at least 5/6 years now and building up my collection has been a passion and hobby of mine for a while. I've also started doing freelance makeup so keep in mind this isn't all for me! Most of the items I use on others is kept separately but all the loose pigments and eyeshadows here are used on everyone (I use a sanitising spray on pressed shadows after use on clients).

For some people this will be an enormous collection, for others considering I would like to do make up as a career this is a tiny collection. For me, personally, I think this is more than enough and one way I check that my collection isn't getting too much is by ensuring my drawers are never overflowing. I wouldn't recommend the average makeup lover own this much makeup but as I'm just starting out doing makeup on others I think this is a good size.
I keep my Ikea drawers on my table and then my lipsticks and some palettes on top. I also leave my everyday foundation and powder on my drawers too, for days where I just want some coverage and want to do my makeup quickly.
I like the cut out handles.
Bottom draw:
Top draw:
I keep my lip products and eyeliners in clear pots:

I keep face products in a black box that is made of faux-suede material and ALWAYS looks dusty no matter how many times I try and clean it.
Inside: foundations, powders, concealers and randoms that I don't necessarily use on an every day basis.

The rest of my palettes are in a previous post (here).

Ikea drawers and tables are the ideal storage solution for those with large makeup collections.

I'm planning on doing updated makeup posts once or twice a year to check I haven't splurged too much on frivolous extras for myself. But if it's makeup for clients I think that's reasonable :)

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