Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inglot haul

The Westfield in Shepherd's Bush has an Inglot store which is apparently the only place in the UK you can purchase Inglot. But on Saturday I discovered you can now order Inglot online! I assume the products come direct from the Inglot store in Westfield (I got a little business card with the London address on it) and I couldn't be more pleased. I ordered some shadows and palettes on Sunday night, standard shipping was £5 (reasonable price IMO, it would probably cost me more than that just to travel to Westfield so shipping charge was fine to me!) and the products come at midday on Tuesday along with three little sachet samples of Inglot's makeup base which I'm happy to test out. The makeup came in a medium sized box and everything was bubble wrapped.
All the eyeshadows came in different packaging (some in plastic, some boxed) which I didn't understand but it was all in good condition (no nicks or shattered shadows anyway).
I ordered two 10-pan palettes. They are very sturdy and on the heavier side. I would have liked to buy the 20-pan palette but I find the 10-pan too heavy for my liking so I knew I wouldn't be a fan of something double the size.

I ordered 3 Rainbow shadows which are £6 each. I ordered a lighter pink shade which had the worst pigmentation of any Inglot shadow I've ever bought (though it's still useable) and a darker pink and purple which were fine. I also ordered Pearl shadows (my favourite finish) and some AMC Shines.

It took some time to rearrange all my palettes to colour order. I had a few shadows from before so I mixed them all together but taking the old shadows out of the pans was difficult because the magnets in Inglot palettes are SO STRONG that I ended up gauging holes into a lot of the colours. I think most people wouldn't have any problems if they were careful and used a thin pin, but I was in a rush and used a safety pin hence the little dents in half the shadows. I'm not too fussed though, as they are minor nicks.
Overall I am super pleased that it's easy to buy Inglot online now. There are no swatches on the website and I wouldn't go by the little colour squares they have on the site (best to google swatches if you want to know what the colours look like - and even then there are no guarantees you will love the shade or product) but other than that I do like the site and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more from Inglot in the future.

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