Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I bought some more Sigma brushes...

Last time I talked about Sigma brushes my review wasn't all that favourable. Yet I was still sucked in by Sigma's rather vicious marketing strategy (constant emails and continuous sponsored videos by some of my fave youtube makeup gurus) and I caved - I just bought the Sigmax Kabuki HD Kit. I knew my previous experience with Sigma brushes was good to average and some bad and I wasn't overly keen on the last kit I purchased but I'd heard so many positive reviews about these brushes that I just had to try them out.
The brushes were nicely wrapped in boxes and ribbon. I also got a free mini brush.
I already have one of these and it's one of my most used blending brushes (my one has the old numbering system on it and has SS217 engraved on the handle). This new version they sent me was disgusting though - all the brushes were hard and stuck together and wouldn't come apart even after washing. Urgh. What a waste!
The smaller brushes are okay - but not what I was expecting. I definitely liked using the tapered point brush for concealing around my eyes as it fit the contours of my face well. The other three I used for spot concealing - but I don't need three to do the same job. I can't really see any other use for them yet but I'm sure I'll think of something soon enough.
The chunky face brushes were the reason I bought this kit. I love using the ELF Powder brush for foundation application on days where my skin needs fuller coverage. I thought the round top and flat top kabuki brushes would take the place of my ELF brush but alas, 'tis not meant to be. I'm not saying they are AWFUL brushes because they certainly aren't, they are of decent quality. But again, they just didn't live up to my expectations. Although the brushes look dense they aren't as packed as my old ELF Powder brushes. I also felt they sucked up a lot of the product when I tested them with foundations and BB creams. And they take FOREVER to dry (which is obvious I know, considering the size of these brushes but they still take too long). The angled brush is meant to be good for bronzer but it applied way too much product for my liking (and yes, I did use a light hand. Nevertheless the result was overly muddy cheeks). The tapered kabuki is one I liked for highlighter. It turned out to be my favourite brush of the bunch.

Overall I will still make the most of ALL the brushes I own. I may give some away to anyone who wants them (so that means any friends who are reading this, feel free to holler at me if you like the look of something) but overall this was not the collection I was anticipating. That is the LAST time I venture near Sigma. I really like xteeener and xsparkage on youtube and they recommended a lot of these brushes which is why I bought them, despite not loving the other Sigma brushes I tried. They give very good reviews and are always honest so I figured these brushes must be the bees knees. The products are good but not *amazing* and for me they are still a little overpriced ($99 for the whole collection). So no more Sigma brushes for me!

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