Thursday, 22 September 2011

All the latest hauls collected together

I know I've been rubbish with doing actual reviews for a while now. I got the UDBoS IV over a week ago and the truth is I haven't even had the chance to use it yet! I swatched all the colours, cooed over it for a bit, rearranged my makeup drawers to get it to fit and then basically left it alone. It's only the third week back at work and I am pretty overwhelmed hence the reason why all my reviews are on the back burner. I just don't have time to use as much makeup in the mornings as I'd like so I just haven't been wearing much to review. Still, I will hopefully get into the swing of things again soon. I've got lots to test out!

The following items are products I've hauled or been given via a swap I did recently. I know, I know, I have a problem! I'm getting it under control...

I've tried everything at least once so while I'm not doing in depth reviews I'll still include my initial first impressions.

Firstly I'd like to thank Amelia who I did an international swap with. I got all the items I asked for plus loads of lovely samples! I really wanted the Tarte for True Blood palette, not because I like the TV show (not seen it and neither do I have any desire to) or because of the brand (because I'd not heard much about Tarte previously) but because the actual palette just looked like another all-in-one Urban Decay-esque palette and I know how much I love those! I was worried the colours would be too cool toned for me but they turned out lovely, just what I'd been hoping for.

The outer packaging is also pretty cool.
And I like all the extras it comes with.

I also asked for three more items: The Mint Julep Masque that lots of American Beauty Gurus rave about, a Makeup Forever eyeliner pencil (as they are touted as the only ones that don't smudge) and another Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette as back up since I use my other one so often.
Amelia also sent me some extras and the ones I really loved were the Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow palette (since I luuurve soft shimmery neutrals), blotting sheets (since I am prone to oily-mess-ness) and these mascara shield card samples.
I really like all the Sonia Kashuk stuff I've tried so far. In terms of quality it's great. In terms of finish I find it appalling however. The concealer palette was completely brand new and sealed but it had a big print on one of the concealers which I assume is from a thumb. Gross. I have never seen a brand new, sealed item with a thumb print before. The eyeshadow palette also had an eyeshadow pan that was so loose it completely fell off when I opened it. It also had specks all over the eyeshadow primer.
I love the actual shadows though.

I'll take a moment to say thanks, Amelia, for everything that you sent over. I especially liked the perfume sample - I didn't expect to like it since I'm so picky about fragrances but I loved it!

I tried the eyeshadows yesterday and they were right up my alley. I think this palette will replace the NYX Nude Eyeshadow Kit I've stashed at work for the days when I want to wear makeup quickly. The Tarte palette is the standout item and so far I've used the primer (which did crease on me unfortunately) and the eyeliner (the smoothest eyeliner I've EVER used). I can't wait to play with all the shadows. I say that and I've yet to make a dent in my UD palette but I will! I'm giving away nearly all of the new single eyeshadows I have since I've realised I rarely use singles and prefer palettes so I know the Tarte one will be used a lot in future.

There was a 3for2 sale in Boots so I tried out some Revlon items.
The Photo Ready Powder is a complete bust for me since it has slight shimmers in it which make my oily skin look even greasier. But for some I think this would be fine. I'm guessing it would look awful in sunlight on just about anyone though.

The One Step Compact Makeup thing is rubbish. It's just a greasy cream foundation that showed up all my pores on me. Not even medium coverage. What a let-down. I will still use it as a concealer for slight blemishes, or maybe on other people (those with relatively good skin) but otherwise I'll never be tempted to look at Revlon's foundations or powders again.

I picked up the eyeliner as my freebie and it will stay wrapped up on my desk until I finish all my others (i've got a Rimmel and Collection 2000 one, both are nearing the end of their days) so nothing to comment on yet. But overall I wish I hadn't been swayed by the 3for2 offer. I personally dislike Revlon.

On a separate Superdrug trip I picked up the Revlon PhotoReady concealer because Bubzbeauty raved about it on youtube. I figured since she has skin not too different than mine I would like it but I don't. I should know by now that makeup alley and not youtube is the best place to go for recommendations and useful reviews since there are multiple reviews. Again it's not a complete waste of money since I will still use it but I wasn't wow-ed by it. It's not great for under the eyes which is what I bought it for but as a spot concealer it does the job.

I also picked up a red Sleek Pout Paint since I have peach, hot pink and blue so far and I figured a deep red would be useful. I'm awaiting two more colours and then I'll have my ideal set.

I keep getting spots these days - not a lot but as soon as one disappears another pops up so at any time I always have one single zit. It's also the painful variety of spot that leaves a red mark long after it has disappeared. So I got the Good Things spot clearing gel though I won't admit to having high hopes for it since my spots seem to have a mind of their own. Let's see how it goes.

And finally I received some lovely post today that included the Etude House Tangerine  Sweet Shower Lips lipsticks. I got four shades (minus the bright BRIGHT orange shade from the collection.) I also got two lip tints which I DETEST so I wouldn't recommend those to anyone.
One is called the Follow Me Lip Tint which has horrible packaging (all checkerboards and skulls and odd designs - urgh. It's for those who want to "follow" 2NE1's style which is a joke since I doubt they all use this lip tint every time they're on stage - it's just a selling factor. I'm not a fan of the group but even if I was I still don't think the celebrity branding would have appealed to me. I prefer quality over gimmicks). The Follow Me Lip Tint shade 1 was completely green at first (on the lips it turns a deep pink colour on me), but now it has become all mottled pink in the tube. The other shade is a weird orange that goes on unevenly on my lips and is not flattering at all.
Yes I know, gross gross.

I prefer the Sweet Shower Lips which are more hydrating and have more wearable (though still very bright and vivid) colours.
I still wouldn't recommend them to anyone though because some shades have crazy glitter and others just do not go with my skin tone (and, I imagine, would not suit a lot of people). Still, I will use them as lip balms and going out shades.

No swatches because I don't have a decent camera and any pictures I took didn't show the shades how they look true to life. Lately all my blog pictures have been awful. I think it's a combination of terrible lighting and the fact I've been using my phone camera. But hopefully will sort that out soon.

Lots of makeup but I am on a buying ban and I seriously mean that. I want to do a full collection post soon and that will remind me of all that I need to use up first. I have one more palette that I have been drooling over (thebalm's Balm and the Beautiful palette) but apart from that I can't see myself buying any more palettes for at least 6 months or so, at least till I hit pan on a few. I've noticed that I seem to buy more these days when I've had a bad day at work and the bus is half an hour away (I figure since I have a half hour to kill and Superdrug is down the road I may aswell drown my sorrows in makeup). Since bad days and late buses seem to be all the rage recently I've been stocking up on makeup I don't need. But today I decided that I've got to fight this makeup addiction and it starts from now. ^___^

Let's see how long I can hold back for...


  1. Hooray - I'm so glad it arrived safely! However, am appalled that that the Sonia Kashuk palettes were in less than pristine condition when you received them -- I've never had one fall apart or have thumb prints on them -- I'm so sorry! Will gladly send you a new one whenever you like!

  2. Amelia it was the company's fault because they were like that within the plastic packaging so it was through no fault of your own! They r all useable items n I am enjoying everything! Thank you for all of it, it was a great swap!


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