Thursday, 6 October 2011

Books I've read this year

Just thought I'd do a quick novel post on books I read over the summer. In all honesty I didn't read anything that really blew me away so this is going to be a bit of a lukewarm post.
First up are Point Horror novels. These are now out of print (I think) and I really don't know why because these books are awesome. They aren't what I'd call complex literature - if anything they are REALLY basic, easy to follow mystery short novels rather than actual horror. But they are fun and only take an hour or two to finish. I take these with me on the bus and finish one a day.
I read ONE Nicholas Sparks novel that I liked (A Walk to Remember) and so decided to get a few more. I bought The Last Song, The Wedding and Dear John. I REALLY regret it now. I personally think they are all extremely cheesy and whilst I personally like cheesy stuff I think NS novels are just too much, even for me.
The Cecilia Ahearn novel wasn't my cup of tea (I guess it was a little too "teen" for me). I guess I am getting too old for teen novels, which is a shame because teen novels are so easily available these days and continuously raved about.

I do like Sarah Dessen novels though, even though they are definitely teen novels. I think she's one of the few authors who writes good novels one after the other. So unlike NS where I liked one novel but not others I pretty much like all the Sarah Dessen I've read so far.

Apart from new novels I always go back and revisit old novels every once in a while and usually I re-read Pride and Prejudice but I've been going over Persuasion quite a lot recently. Must have read it at least 15 times now.
I think it's one of those great novels that one never forgets :)

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