Sunday, 18 September 2011

FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Eyeshadow Quad (Cafe Culture)

Initially I loved this quad. I bought a FAMOUS trio in Mocha Latte (I think that's what it was called) which had similar colours so I gave it away and kept Cafe Culture. The shades were SUPER CRAZY pigmented and went on smooth like butter.
Nearly all the FAMOUS palettes have a pretty short shelf life (6months only) and are relatively pricey for a drugstore item (£9) but I was willing to forgive that since the eyeshadows were just so vibrant. But then I opened my quad today to be greeted with this sight:
Shattered shadows. The two on the right came out completely from the pan so that I had two square chunks of buttery shimmer fall onto my lap. The shadow also went everywhere and was hard to clean up. I hadn't been throwing around my eyeshadow or anything (all my palettes are stored carefully in letter holders) so there was really no reason for the eyeshadows to shatter. I put the little squares back into the pan and debated whether or not to keep the quad since I did like the pigmentation. But then I figured I'd rather have an easy life and use eyeshadows freely without the worry of eyeshadow dust flying everywhere and time being wasted in the mornings cleaning it up.

I would not recommend any FAMOUS by Sue Moxley eyeshadows whether they are in singles, trios, quads or palettes. Most of the testers and boxed makeup in the three Superdrugs stores near me are always shattered so I know this isn't an isolated case. It's a shame because the pigmentation is great and shades are pretty but the very limited shelf life, over estimated value and shattering nature of the eyeshadows makes them a complete failure in my opinion.


  1. How sad. I went to superdrug a few days ago and everything was half price. I don't know if they are changing the package or if they are discontinuing the brand:)

  2. Maybe it's all half price because all the eyeshadows break so easily. In which case it's not even worth buying for 99p!


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