Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review

Sleek products can be found on their website or at larger Superdrugs stores. Their palettes are now £6.49 each (so the price has gone up a little this year but I still think that's a more than reasonable price).

I have purchased many palettes from Sleek in the past (including Storm, Original, Sunset,  Good Girl, Paraguaya and Monacco) but there have been quite a few that I have given away (the latter 3 limited edition items I listed!) because I have not liked many of the colours or the crazy fallout associated with some of their shades. I debated whether or not to get this palette as I already own quite a few shadows and this is really surplus to requirements. However, I weighed up the pros and figured there were enough shades in this palette that I would use regularly so I decided to add it to my growing eyeshadow collection.

Firstly, the reason I purchased this palette is because I liked the look of the peachy shades. It is what I expected the Paraguaya palette to be like (but that palette was more orange than anything).

shades without flash
shades with flash
As with all the more recent palettes, all the shades are named. Noir is the matte black shade that is in nearly all of the Sleek palettes. I like it but hate how crumbly it is (my one was completely broken and some of the dust went into the other shades so that was annoying). You also get a combination of peachy shades, browns and one dark blue-grade shade.

Shades without flash Top: (left to right) Bow, Organza, Ribbon Bottom: Pamper, Gateau, The mail
shades with flash
shades without flash Top: Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate, Bottom: Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir
shades with flash
I love the combination in this palette as I like pink and peachy shades because I think they make my hazel eyes look greener whilst browns make my eyes look browner.

Surprisingly the dark grey shade, Glitz, turned out to be my favourite shade from the palette. I did an accidental smokey eye with it and usually I dislike dark smokey eyes on me as they tend to make me eyes look smaller but Glitz is a real winner. It is the smoothest most pigmented shade from the whole palette and had minimal fallout (and I have learned to expect fallout from Sleek's shimmery eyeshadows so it was nice that Glitz was a little different).

swatches on the back of my hand
I've tanned quite a bit in this stifling British summer we're having and my hands have tanned the most so the shade The Mail hasn't shown up too well. Neverthless I can assure you it's well pigmented and makes a nice matte brown shade. I like all the colours in the palette but as with all Sleek shadows the shimmery shadows are the most pigmented and easiest to use as they are very smooth. I found the two matte peach shades, Ribbon and Pamper, to be less pigmented than I was expecting, and also a little dusty but I was still able to use them fine.

I'd definitely recommend this palette to all.


  1. I also recently purchased this palette, and the shimmery shades are so pigmented. You can literally lightly tap them with a brush and you'll get a good amount of product. The colours are also really pretty!

  2. This palette looks great, i love all the colours they are lush.


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