Monday, 1 August 2011

ELF Haul

I made use of the 50% sale from ELF last week and received my package within 4 days. That's super quick delivery on ELF's part.

Package full of goodies! It was overflowing when I opened it. It wasn't exactly a large box to begin with but there is something pleasant about receiving full boxes in the post :)

So here's the full list with the usual prices:

Mineral lip liner in Rose (£3.50)
Mineral lipsticks in Cheerful Cherry, Barely Bitten and Royal Red (£3.50 each)
Studio blushes in Candid Coral and Pink Passion (£3.50 each)
Studio Powder Brush and Complexion Brush (£3.50 each)
Studio HD Powder (£6)
Brush Belt (£15)
Studio Cream eyeshadows in Candlelight and Dawn (£3.50 each)
Compact mirrors x2 (£1.50 each)
Studio Small Brush holder (£5)
Mineral Blush in Rose (£3.50)
Cuticle pens x4 (£1.50 each)
12 disposable mascara wands x2 (£3.50 per 12pack)
New 3-pack blotting sheets x2 (£3.50 per 12 pack)

There are a few things I was willing to pay full price for, such as the nail cuticle pens and the mineral lipsticks but everything else was too good a bargain to give up.For example I don't actually need any more brushes but since the Studio Powder and Complexion brushes are two of my all time favourites I couldn't pass up the chance to get some back ups for only £1.75. It was also a good chance for me to try some new products like the new blotting sheets and the studio cream shadows and at £1.75 sale price it was just too good an offer to pass up.

One thing I hate about ELF is the ridiculously chunky packaging. Here's what some of the products look like minus outer boxes:

So much less bulk! I would have thought it would be cheaper for ELF not to cut down so many trees and meld so much plastic to create all this excess packaging. I guess they must get their resources super cheap because they box everything up in super size packaging like they don't care about wasting it all. And I guess they don't.

Anyway, rant over. Reviews will follow shortly once I have tested everything out. ^_^

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