Monday, 1 August 2011

Olay Regenerist products (General thoughts)

I did a haul post a while back describing three Olay Regenerist items I purchased (link here).

I'll be 23 in a couple of weeks and whenever I've gone to buy products at skincare counters (like L'Occitane or Origins) they've said 23 is a good age to start an anti-ageing skincare routine. At 21 I thought that sounded fine but in the last few months my skin has been ageing at a startling rate so I thought I would try anti ageing creams before I turn 23 to prevent my fine lines and wrinkles from getting any worse. Hence the reason I purchased Olay Regenerist.

I started working full time literally a couple weeks after I turned 22 and I've found it very stressful and time consuming. (I'm a new teacher). Lack of sleep has left permanent deep wells around my eyes and I have deep under eye wrinkles where last year they were very fine lines.

I figured Olay Regenerist had really amazing reviews and I quite like a lot of Olay products so it would be a good brand to use to begin my anti ageing skincare trials.

Not so.

Although I have tired under eyes and what looks like ageing skin, I also have oily skin that can occasionally break out. It's almost like I have the worst traits of old skin and young skin (wrinkles and spots!).

I used the Regenerist serum, moisturiser and eye serum continually for a fortnight and then on and off for another 3 weeks but I didn't have any positive results.

The face creams are MUCH too heavy for my combination/oily skin and they left my skin feeling congested and greasy. The eye serum did NOTHING at all.

Those aged around 40+ might have more success with this line (you should do anyway, I think Olay market this for the over 40s). Those who have dry skin might also like this line. I wouldn't recommend it to those with oily skin as it is too thick and heavy or sensitive skin as it does have a slight scent (my mum is in her early 50s and she has sensitive skin and she didn't like this).

What I would say to those of you in your 20s or 30s like myself who wish to use anti ageing skincare is this: don't jump in at the deep end! I thought if I used something for mature skin it would prevent my wrinkles getting worse but it just didn't suit me at all. A lighter anti ageing moisturiser would have been more effective.

Anyway, I used the Olay creams a couple of months ago when I was super busy with work (it was exam season) and it felt like whatever I used did nothing for my wrinkles. I've been on holiday (or vacation for the non-Brits!) the past week and a half and I've noticed the condition of my skin has improved a lot with the lines under my eyes softening and it is most likely due to the fact that I've been averaging 8 hours of sleep a night!

Thus the best anti ageing secret is not a secret at all but what we all already knew - just make sure you're well rested!

This hasn't been a review as such since Olay never marketed Regenrist at those in their early 20s so it would hardly be fair for me to say I disliked everything and wouldn't recommend any of it. The point of my ramblings is just to say that there is no point going for heavy duty anti-ageing skincare when there is no need for it. I think I might have been brainwashed a little by the makeup gurus I watch on youtube who say "prevention is better than cure". Yes, to some extent, that is correct. But there is no use trying products that aren't intended for your age group.

Since most anti ageing creams I've tried have not worked for me, I will stick to moisturisers for normal to oily skin and maybe consider using more anti ageing creams in the future. What's helped my skin the most has been sleep, living without work stress and mineral water. ^__^

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