Monday, 1 August 2011

dr. organic Virgin Olive Oil Face Mask - review

(£6.19/125ml @ Holland and Barrett)

(Just FYI about my skin: NW20/NC30, sensitive, prone to reactions, generally combination but during warmer months (like now) my skin becomes oily, I get the occasional pimple, sometimes I get acne but I never have the same skin type all the time - it changes with the weather and since I live in England where the weather can change from one hour to the next I can never use the same products continuously. Phew, that was a lengthy description).

I tend to steer clear of skincare that has oil in it during the warmer seasons because I find oil can be overkill for my combo skin. During the winter it's fine because my skin becomes dryer but otherwise oil based skin care products can make me look greasy.

I picked this mask up anyway because I've already used the shampoo and conditioner from this line and liked them so I figured I'd try everything from the dr. organic Virgin Olive Oil line before branching out into their other offerings.

As with all dr. organic products this mask is paraben, SLS and mineral oil free.

I love mud masks and I've reviewed the many I've tried out here.

Anyway, despite being wary of the fact that this uses olive oil as a key ingredient I still wanted to try this out as I have had good experiences with nearly every dr. organic product I've tried (the only one I disliked is the Royal Jelly Lip Serum). I'm really glad I did try it because this mask really impressed me.

  • there was no overpowering or annoying scent 
  • it was smooth in texture (I prefer smooth masks as I find gritty scrubs and exfoliators can irritate my skin and I know those with sensitive skin or acne sometimes feel the same)
  • only need to keep it on for 10 minutes and in that time it dries without dehydrating your skin
  • didn't cause my overly sensitive skin any reaction (no redness or itchiness after use)
  • didn't cause my prone to acne skin any breakouts
  • despite having oil in it, it wasn't an oily product and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy - if anything I found it very balancing (took away the summer oiliness my skin has been suffering from without over drying).
In short - I loved it!

I have suuuuch changeable skin and I was reading through some of my previous posts and the description of my skin type changes throughout (in the February posts I said it was dry with shiny t-zone, in the March posts I said it was normal, in April it was hyper-sensitive, red and peeling from an allergic reaction). Right now the weather in London is 29°C and when it gets warm I tend to get oily skin and also break out more, so this particular review is based on how my skin reacted during an oily skin period. Nevertheless I think this is one of those products that I will continue to use whatever my skin type because the key selling point is that it is pH balancing and I found that it managed to cleanse my skin without leaving it dry or greasy (it was left smooth and supple - just right!).

I'll keep using this mask throughout the year and if I notice any change during the colder months I'll update this post but otherwise we can assume this is going to be one of my all time favourites. :)

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