Friday, 19 August 2011

A rushed-buy haul

Oxford Street on a rainy August morning.
I went to purchase the Bobbi Brown BBU Face palette only to be told you can only purchase it online :(

I had intended to buy makeup and so makeup I bought. I just ended up buying NOTHING from my wish list and instead making some rather rash decisions.

  • Rimmel Day to Night Mascara - this is a new one I purchased for £8 only because I got a free Rimmel eyeliner with it (and I find this purchase justified because I was going to buy the liner anyway, it was on my to-buy list)
  • YSL's Touche Eclat (£24.50) - again, this is another I wanted anyway as I have been finding other concealers cakey for my under eyes. The lady gave me the shade 2 when I wanted 1.5 :( I wish I'd checked the box before I left the store. I just assumed she would give me the right shade since I asked for 1.5 a couple of times! Still, I guess i'll get good use out of it anyhow.
  • Lee Stafford hair stuff - 3for£12 @ Boots.
  • Handwash!
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow (£14). I still think Benefit's other items are overpiced - I was looking at the their foundations in shock (they cost more than MAC and there's no way they're as good as high end foundations). But I was still keen to try out one of these shadows since I have the oiliest lids ever (even Paint Pots crease one me) and I  really wanted a single shadow that I could use quickly in the morning without having to use a brush or take time blending shades.
 I got the shade Birthday suit.
Cor, I hate the packaging. It's so oversized and useless. Does no one care about trees anymore?
Rant aside, I really do like this shade. It's a shimmery neutral.
with flash
Loads of shimmer but no chunky glitter. My ideal shadow really.
Creaseless cream shadows are very expensive. But I think they are worth it if you have tried other cream shadows and they all crease on you. I have super oily lids and this didn't crease at all and it also worked excellently as a base under my powder eyeshadow. I am really tempted to buy a couple more (I also liked the look of RSVP) but I'll have to see how long these last without drying out because I know MAC Paint Pots dry out kinda quick. I don't think I'll ever buy any Paint Pots again. I am very much losing interest in MAC altogether.

  • Finally, 3 Too Faced palettes
Romantic Eye, Naked Eye and Natural Eye w/ flash

w/o flash
I always knew I wanted the Natural Eye palette since I love neutral and shimmery eyeshadows. I saw the Romantic Eye and Naked Eye palettes and was torn between the two (I didn't know which I'd get more use out of) and in the end picked up both on impulse. I do regret it now though. The Natural Eye palette is great, exactly what I expected (apart from 2 shades - the fallout shade and the middle brown shade in the first row). The Romantic Eye palette has some soft shades that don't show up too well on my skin but the shimmery shades are excellent and the palette is worth buying for the shade "Honeymoon" alone. The Naked Eye palette is just too similar to neutral palettes I already own so I can't help but feel guilty for buying it.

So that's what happens when you panic buy!

I'll still keep all three palettes, there's nothing there that's so awful that I'll be binning or swapping away or anything. They just didn't live up to my expectations.

Still, I'm excited by the prospect of playing with it all.

I think that's my final haul of the summer.


  1. OMG you really went all out didn't you? Haha I've always wanted to get these palettes but lately I've been keeping my eyes real close on the Romantic Eye palette, the colours are gorgeous! Haha tell us how it goes with the palettes next time :D

  2. I went crazy and i wish i hadn't bought the Naked Eye palette. The Romantic Eye palette is nice but it costs more than the other 2 palettes (RE was £26 whilst the others were £23 and the others were cheaper but came with an extra sponge applicator so that doesn't make sense). I would still recommend Romantic Eye but Natural Eye is my favourite :) I'll do a comparison and review of all the palettes soon ^__^

  3. I can't believe u bought the Bobbi Brown pallette! I will have to scope out more jobs for u to make it a worthwhile investment :-)
    Also glad u managed to find someone to take u to oxford street, sorry for my laziness!


  4. i figured the palette was a good investment for a budding makeup artist like myself. we still need to go to the new westfield when it opens and i'm dragging you there with me! i hope it has a new inglot store.


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