Monday, 28 February 2011

Dr Organic Royal Jelly Lip Serum is disappointing stuff

I was drawn to the Dr Organic range as I perused the Holland and Barrett shelves looking for an aloe vera toothpaste the other day since Dr Organic has so many labels that i've been in search of recently. Firstly it's an organic skincare range (duh!) and is free of all those nasties that I mentioned in my previous post (paraben, mineral oil, SLS free etc.)

I picked up a few items and this is one item I was hoping to like since my lips have been so chapped from this winter weather recently. Dr Organic has a variety of ranges to choose from. I chose the Royal Jelly range lip jelly simply because it was on the top shelf and seemed just as good as any other range (i didn't have time to read all the labels and compare, I just picked the closest one to me). It's reasonably priced at £3.09.

In texture I found it oily. In taste I found it a little oily. It smelled okay. But overall really - just oily.

So did it actually work? Erm... not exactly. It worked a little at first but I didn't find the effects lasting. After just 4 hours or so my lips began to crack, which is super quick for me so I felt I had to keep reapplying the product more often than I wanted to. I so badly wanted to like this product - this range seemed so promising. I really do hope I just picked up one dud lip product because I'm going to try out more from this brand. With all they have to offer I can't draw conclusions from one single lip product.

I'm just going to finish this tube first before I begin my hunt for the next lip balm. Yes it wasn't that great a product but wasting pennies is wasting pennies, right? So I'm going to get my full £3.09 worth of usage from this lip jelly, even if it means annoying 4 hourly applications.

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