Friday, 22 July 2011

The start of the summer break :)

Last day of work today!!!!

I think I've averaged just under 7 hours of sleep a day this year but this last fortnight has been a struggle, I think I averaged about 6 hours a day in the last two weeks. I know that's meant to be a decent amount but it definitely took its toll on me (and my eye bags and dark circles).

This time two years ago I finished university and I had spent three years starting my mornings between 9 and 10am every day! Nowadays I am on the opposite side and get up at 6 every day and it's painful! I've been getting used to it but this last month I've just felt overwhelmed so I'm glad I finally get a break. Most people my age are still studying or slowly settling into jobs whereas I'm working in a place where people are significantly older than me and seem to know everything and work at a fast pace so I've gotta keep up, and lacking experience or wisdom or just using the "i'm only 22" excuse just doesn't cut it. So I've been working like crazy all year trying to keep up and sleep is the first thing to get sacrificed. 

Thankfully holidays have officially started for me and the one redeeming quality about my job is the extensive holidays =)

Goodbye 6am starts, hello lie ins!

I purchased some Montagne Jeunesse eye products this week since I love their mud masks. I ordered from Amazon but I didn't realise that the anti-shadow and anti-wrinkle eye patches came directly from the company. I was annoyed when they arrived because one of the packs had a cut in it so everything was soaked. I'm sure the actual patches will work well though. Will be trying these this weekend and hopefully I'll have a positive review to write since sleep deprivation has left me panda eyed and far too wrinkly for my own good - I feel like I've aged at least 5 years in the last 10 months!

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  1. I have never seen them before!

    I tagged you for the Top 10 Award. - Check it out if you would like too :D


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