Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A change of mind regarding Neal's Yard Orange Flower Daily Moisturiser

I liked Neal's Yard Orange Flower moisturiser before - I mentioned just how much I liked it in my moisturiser overview post. But since I've repurchased and got this moisturiser in the glass bottle rather than sample tube form it hasn't had the same results for me.

My skin changes a lot - in general it's sensitive/combination (dry patches on cheeks, greasy t-zone) but I had an allergic reaction last month and my skin was so dry it literally went red and started peeling. I couldn't use this cream then (in fact I couldn't use ANY of my old moisturisers - I was slathering on E45!) But since then my skin has been going back to its usual state (shiny nose, general normal skin, occasional spot, but so far no dry skin because the weather has been warmer and my dry patches tend to appear more so in the cooler seasons).

I've been going back to using this since my skin seems to have some semblance of normality - but I don't like it. The formula seems different. It's meant to be for dry skin but actually I don't think it's hydrating enough for even my "oilier" skin. In fact, it's almost like this cream dries out my skin more! I gave it to my brother to test out (for reference he's in mid 20s, has sensitive skin that goes either very dry or very greasy depending on product used, the Origins cream has had best results for him and when it ran out he tried the Neal's Yard and he said it felt like it was burning his skin so I took it as him being allergic to some of the Neal's Yard ingredients). So I guess this is no longer on my faves list. I don't really get why it would work better in a tube rather than glass bottle but I've been put off repurchasing anyhow, it's just not worth the £20 label.

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