Sunday, 15 May 2011

All the BB creams I currently own

I've bought a whole bunch of BB creams over the past few months and most have been small sample sizes as I know I won't finish any full sizes in a lifetime and also most full sizes are pretty expensive when you take p+p charges into account.

I had no idea I had so many and since I'm trying to test all of them out so I can review them I've taken to wearing two BB creams at a time on either side of my face. I can look a bit patchwork quilt-ish (i.e. not exactly even on both sides) but it speeds up the testing process (just to note: I don't go out in public with 2 different BB creams on my face!).

Today I'm trying Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream and Intense Classic Balm BB cream. I like both okay but I was tempted to go for some of the newer ranges so I looked online and found this:
Pretty useful. And it turns out I picked the best creams for my combination skin. The Diamond cream also looks interesting but I am not going anywhere near that until I finish up at least 3 of the BB creams I own which shouldn't take too long actually considering all the "BB trials" I'm conducting.

I'm just not looking forward to sorting out all the swatches and suchlike for the overall BB cream review post. There's just so many to get through. 0_o

BB creams and lots of samples. Too many to organise!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of BB creams. I know you plan on posting your review in the near future but I plan on ordering the Missha perfect cover from ebay and thought I would ask you about the choice of color. You seem to own both 21 and 23, I heard the 21 can make you look like a ghost so I'm leaning toward the 23 but people say ot oxidizes and goes darker during the day. I'm fair by the way. any thoughts about color choice and general ideas about the Missha one?

  2. it really depends on your skin colour and type. i'm sort of somewhere around nc30, nw20 (depending on seasons, i change a lot), i've got asian skin. 23 goes on ashy but once it oxidizes it suits me (but does darken after about 6 hours). 21 is far too fair. i bought 21 coz i figured if it oxidizes it would suit me better than an oxidized 23 but thats not the case. it'd be for the super fair.


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