Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Old Makeup Collection

This was my collection about a year ago. I think I have the same amount of makeup now but most of it has been changed for higher end or generally better quality makeup. I no longer have the Revlon, Collection 2000 or Maxfactor foundation (now I stick with Chanel Mat Lumiere). I also only have 2 lipglosses now since I realised I didn't wear them often enough to justify having so many. I've got into the tinted lip balm phase now. A lot of my ELF and NYX singles have disappeared too and been replaced by some awesome Inglot palettes (love love love).

Though I don't pile all this makeup on on a daily basis simply looking at my collection gives me inspiration for looks for myself and for others.

Will do an updated makeup collection pic soon. ^^

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