Thursday, 14 April 2011

More BB creams

So I got three new BB creams in the post yesterday.

That means I have tried various BB creams from five brands in total: Missha, Skin79, Hanskin, Skinfood and BRTC. I also have a sample from Etude House I need to try out but from reviews and descriptions I know Etude House won't be for me.

I think the Hanskin BB creams have been the best so far in terms of lasting power throughout the day. Missha tends to get oily around the four hour mark and they also oxidize to form a darker shade. I'm going to try all 8 of the BB creams I now have for at least a week each and then post my thoughts on each one with pros and cons according to how well they work on my skin and how well I think they would work on drier skin also.

Ebay still seems to be the only place to purchase these creams for people living outside of East Asia and the USA (there are lots of American online stores for BB creams that only ship to American states) so for Brits like myself BB creams aren't the easiest products to get a hold of. I am liking the finish of BB creams a lot more than foundations however, so I'll have to trust Ebay until some UK merchant sees the potential in the lucrative BB cream market and decides to start selling them here.

Korean Ebay sellers always give free samples with their products and apart from sun block samples and snail renewal creams (the sound of that alone makes me shudder - snail slime for the SKIN?!) I've received masks that I love the look of but have so far not used since I can't understand the Korean instructions on them.

Korean products are always so cute. ^_^

Anyhoo, I am off to begin my BB cream trials...


  1. how do you know if they are legit bb cream if they are from ebay?

  2. You start off by looking at the seller n only buying from sellers with 100% feedback n reviews or close to that amount. I also message the seller and ask them about bb creams in general and they should know a lot about them. The creams themselves should come in the right packaging (you can google images and check - one time I bought fake mac from eBay and I knew from the packaging and I've never bought mac from eBay since). All skin79 creams also have extra seals on them so that's another way to tell if they are legit creams. If they have no seal they are either used goods or fake. Hope that helps ^^


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