Sunday, 3 April 2011

BB Creams

I've been really into bb creams lately. The weather has been considerably warmer the last few weeks and I can already envisage makeup meltdown occuring in the next few months. For this reason I've been steering away from my rather heavy Chanel Matt Lumiere foundation and steering towards the collection of bb creams I've been building up.

(left to right: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream 23, Missha M Signature real complete BB cream, BRTC Glossy BB cream, Hanskin Oil Control BB Cream, Missha M Compact BB Cream)

BB Cream is a lot lighter than my heavy foundation so I figured I may aswell start using my BB Creams now in preparation for the summer when I want a lighter coverage a non-cakey appearance.

Apart from these five BB creams I've also tried Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream (not a fan at all, what a watery consistency)

and a Skin79 miniature BB cream set (all rather shimmery, used more for highlighters than all over the face).
Finally I also have three new BB cream samples I have yet to try out: Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function (Pink Label), Hanskin Trouble skin BB cream and Skin79 Intense Classic BB Balm. 

On top of that I also have two more samples of Missha BB creams to come. Yes, I've become somewhat addicted to BB cream, I know. I can't help it, it just gets such good press and I am so gullible I buy whatever seems to be working for people with troubled skin (since mine flares up at the most inopportune moments).

I have purchased all my BB creams from very reliable sellers on ebay since BB cream has yet to hit the British shores and is not sold in any stores in London (if they are sold here I haven't found any anyway!) I love how you get a tonne of free samples with ebay purchases:

The Xylitol gum and key chain were random (key chain is super cute though!) I love how they also send some skincare samples. I can't wait to try out the BB Boomer which is meant to be a primer for BB creams.

Once I have all my BB creams in one place I will be sure to do reviews and swatches of them all. 

I love BB cream ^^

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