Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Haul Number 2

I am something of a book junkie and Amazon is my favourite place to peruse the (virtual) shelves of the store. I buy books so often that I feel bad buying them full price, especially in today's market when everything is so expensive so that's why I avoid Waterstones and opt for Amazon and sometimes even eBay.

Anyhoo, this is my last random splurge:

The Immortals box set RRP £27 but on sale on Amazon for under £9

Four books (still wrapped in the plastic)
"The last Song". I like Nicholas Sparks books in general so I knew I'd get round to buying this one day but Miley Cyrus on the front cover put me off. I thought I'd wait till it got re-printed without Cyrus but then this went down to under £4 so I figured I couldn't give up that bargain and I'll just have to ignore the front cover when I read it.
Lots of people have been raving about this, I read the first few pages and it's a little dull so far but I can see this getting very interesting as the story progresses.
I loved the "What Katy Did" trilogy when I was a kid and I had no idea there were two other books in the series after "What Katy Did Next". These were out of print for a long time so I snapped them up as soon as i saw they became available again. Looking forward to reading these. Classics like these always remind me of my youth =)
Point Horror!!!!! I loved these as a kid too (I'm sure the overuse of exclamation marks gave that fact away). It's such a shame that these haven't gotten reprinted - I've been relying on eBay to help me find past titles that I used to love. Caroline B. Cooney was my favourite Point Horror writer but I also loved Richie Tankersley Cusick and R. L. Stine too.
And with it being the Easter break I have a whole week to get through at least a couple of the books I've been meaning to read for the last few months. I love reading during the holidays but the problem with buying so many books is finding somewhere to store them. Most of my extras have been banished to the shed but I've also started double stacking some:

I used to have all my books arranged alphabetically but then I figured I'd organise by type (e.g classics shelf, vampire fiction shelf, etc.) I've got so many books now that it's starting to become a jumble. I've got my "Chinese words" and "Learn Arabic" books (from my wanting to learn as many foreign languages as possible phase) on top of my classics!

The second shelf here has no logic at all - I've got Alex Garland mixed in with a Japanese thriller writer, mixed in with Jennifer Donnelly (love her!) I'm pedantic and annoying about keeping my bookshelf looking "ordered" and that second shelf is such a mess. But I really haven't got enough space to sort it all out.
 The "Supernatural fiction" shelf is my favourite since it houses my L.J. Smith books but I've also got the Twilight Saga novels there and since I'm not a big fan of those I feel like they change the overall impression of that shelf. But what am I talking about - it's just a bookshelf!

I think that's enough rambly speech for one day. I can't believe I could go on about my bookshelf for so long. But hey, I'm a book lover, I'm sure other bookworms can relate =)

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