Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'm so out of shape no. 2

Despite having said I'd go on a super healthy fitness kick months ago I still have yet to jump on the fitness kick bandwagon. Pilates is good for toning but I've been trying to dance my way fitter and it's no good unless you dance continuously (like for an hour at least) which I rarely do these days (who has time for so much daily exercise?!) but I *will* try to be more healthy... someday!

Anyhoo, this guy's a really good dancer to watch to learn kpop dance moves. I've learnt bits and bobs of quite a few routines (I've only ever learned one full dance routine ever... that is how lazy I am and how easily I give up 0_o). It's a fun way to start exercising I guess and who knows, eventually I may end up being like these fitness enthusiasts who can like dance for 4 hours straight and claim to lose two pounds a week just through kpopping! Well, one can always dream...

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