Saturday, 30 April 2011

The best classic game app out there - Streets of Rage II

Okay, so my blog feels a bit of a mish mash out the moment - at first I was stuck wondering whether to stick to just beauty product reviews or books reviews and since I love both makeup and novels I thought I'd just review both and then maybe later decide which topic to stick to. Now I'm reviewing old Sega game apps. Yeah, it doesn't look like I'm going to go with one topic at all. Ah well!

So Streets of Rage is the name of an old Sega game that people used to play in the 90s on that old school console: the Megadrive ^___^ The Megadrive, despite being completely ancient now, was just as interesting as all the high tech consoles and gadgets you can play on these days.

Streets of Rage is the first game in the trilogy. It has three characters - Alex, Blaze and Adam - who go through 8 stages in an attempt to get to the final boss who is a crime lord. His henchmen are the ones you need to get through first so you basically go through all the stages pounding your fists at them. It has four settings - Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardest. As their names suggest, each setting has varying levels of difficulty. It's a really good game for anyone who liked the original game or for those who want more complex iphone games to play whilst waiting for public transport or in queues or suchlike.

Streets of Rage II is even better than the original. You have two new characters to choose from - Max and Skate - though Adam is not available as a player which is a shame since he's my favourite  in Streets of Rage. There are more criminals to beat and loads more moves available. The music is also classic '90s game music. It's my favourite iPhone app so far.

Your given a little further storyline in Streets of Rage II...

And at the end the whole gang are reunited... Cheesy stuff, eh? So 90s!

Streets of Rage III literally just came out (was released two days ago I think - 28th of April). What an absolute disappointment! I don't remember this game at all from "back in the day" and now I know why - it's because it's such a let down no one played it! I can't believe after SOR2 they could ruin such a good thing and downgrade to SO3. Urgh. Well the third game installment has different players - someone called Zan and I think you can also use Shiva (though I haven't figured out how yet). The music is pitiful - I had to mute some of it because it was just so tinny and annoying! The moves are not as good as they were in SO2 and it just seems so unrealistic. Yes I know it's a game and SO2 was unrealistic too but SO2 was just more smooth than this one. The lighting in one of the stages is also super weird and painful for the eyes. It's meant to be a nightclub so I guess they were trying to show how clubs have flashing lights? Well it was just irritating. You can see here how it goes from weird psycho green dots to darkness:

I guess it's meant to be an effect but flashing lights continuously is just a no no for me.

I only just got SOR3 and I pretty much regret buying it. It was £1.79 but I'm sure price will go down soon. SOR1 was very affordable at £0.59 and is an awesome game so I'd definitely recommend it to those who like classic Sega games. SOR2 was £1.79 but again, this was also just recently released so I'm sure the price will go down soon. (SOR 2 AND 3 came out in April 2011 and the prices I've listed are correct on 30th April 2011).

Overall Streets of Rage 2 is my favourite old game of all time (I like it better than Sonic and just slightly more than Street Fighter though I think that's an awesome game too). Streets of Rage is a good game if you want a cheaper option just to see what the whole trilogy is like. I wouldn't bother wasting my money on Number 3 though.

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