Thursday, 10 March 2011

More brushes from Crown Brush

Okay, so after my first order I decided to order another set of Crown Brushes. The first order had some hits and misses so this time I ordered only from 3 ranges that had the best reviews (and also had the best brushes in my first order).

I got these 5:

Crown Brushes have been hit and miss for me really. Some brushes bleed awfully after washing a dozen times, shed hairs in the wash and just generally (gross to have fibres over your eyes when doing makeup) and smell GROTESQUE (though yes, the chemical smell does disappear after a few washes. But that's not the point. The initial smell is so plastic-ey and chemical-fied it makes me wanna GAG, bleurgh).

Some brushes have the roughest bristles (so pokey!) whilst others are super soft. Some are very flimsy and seem badly constructed whilst others are packed full of bristles (or hairs) and seem pro standard. The "good" and "bad" brushes aren't limited to just one range though, they're spread across all the ranges. *Sigh* I don't like spending all this money on some brushes that are good and some that I want to bin. I think that's the end of my brief love affair with this brand. Unless I know for definite a brush works amazingly well I'm not gonna try my luck and order random ones.

I'll do further individual reports on these brushes later (when I've used all of them a few times at least).

In the mean time I don't think I'll need to order another brush ever again. My collection is overwhelming even just to look at:

My eyeliners used to fit in the ELF brush holder but they now have go in a separate pot on the left - too much stuff!

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