Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Package from ELF

ELF had a sale on Studio products last week that I discovered at the last minute. I bought everything on my wish list (except for HD Powder - they never seem to have that in stock).

Shipping took over 2 weeks which is longer than usual for them but hey, sale season, I understand.
And these are the products I bought:

  • Warm and Golden bronzers (far too shimmery to be used on the face but pigmented enough for use as eyeshadows which is what I'll be using them for)
  • Blush and Bronzer Duo (Bronzer is too shimmery for me and the blusher does have gold sparkles too but I find the blush flattering on top of cheeks)
  • Complexion Brush (another awesome brush nearly as wonderful as the ELF Studio Powder Brush)
  • Angled Foundation Brush (too flimsy to be used as foundation brush but I bought it for use as a cream blush brush and so far so good for that job!)
  • Cuticle pen (this is only £1.50 and lasts me a while, good stuff)
  • Disposable mascara wands (great for doing other people's makeup)
  • Mineral eyeshadow primer (am running out of UDPP so this is my replacement, i've used this before but this new one seems to have a slightly more watery texture. Hope it still works okay though)
  • Compact Mirror ( teeny tiny thing that came in a slightly battered box with mirror covered in strands of sawdust. Not happy with this one)
  • 4 ELF Shine Erasers/blotting sheets (really useful for my quick-to-turn-greasy t-zone. Love the new packaging of these too)


  1. Can you do swatches on these products?
    Do you like them?
    I'm interested in getting some but unfortunately my target doesn't sell these.

  2. I've actually given away the bronzers now since I found them too shimmery to work with as bronzers and muddy looking on the eyes. They were disappointing. But I'll do swatches of the blush and bronzer duo soon when a do a blush collection post ^^

  3. What did you think about the blottning sheats?
    I'm thinking of getting those. I got a lot of other elf products and i've made some reviews on my blog if you're intrested :)

  4. I love the blotting sheets, I use them nearly every day! ^^


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