Friday, 31 May 2013

Peter Pauper Press notebook collection

Peter Pauper Press are a company that make some of my favourite notebooks of all time. They come in a range of sizes and designs, all with lined paper of excellent quality.
Some of the books have quotes in them, some have patterned designs, some are plain. Most come with a pocket in the back cover. A few come with a ribbon marker. All the notebooks I purchased are from Amazon for a range of prices from around £5 to £11, which is reasonable considering the quality you get.

I can't rate these notebooks highly enough.


  1. Ok, I'm officially obsessed with your collection. :)

    I've been wanting one of those monogram antique journals.

    I've also been debating that Japanese Paper Screen magnetic journal. How do you like it? Does it appear very bright yellow in person or more of a golden yellow? Does the magnetic foldover cover get annoying?

  2. Hello! Yep the cover is slightly annoying but I can live with it! It's more of a golden yellow. Having used them all I think those without the folder over cover are better!


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